Wednesday :: Nov 6, 2019

Trump Tax Returns Could Be Released in December 2019

by paradox

I have been asking for the federal appeal timetable for Trump’s tax returns ever since he lost his case in Manhattan, and today the answer is finally here from the New York Times, the case is on the Supreme Court list for review with an answer due this December, around 35 days from now.

If the Supreme Court decides not to take on the case it’s all over for Trump and his taxes, within 72 hours in that scenario the last 8 year’s worth will be in possession by Congress.

If the Supreme Court decides to take the case a decision is due next April, 6 months from now, right in the full roar of the 2020 national election.

I’m not an attorney or judge, but from what I understand the underlying Nixon story and wording of the statue is crystal clear, Trump has no case at all and Congress has an easy slam-dunk outcome.

I remember from the reporting of the case affirming the statute that the one dissenting vote was a Trump quack appointee, and one of the judges in the majority pointedly wrote that the dissent was a fantasy based upon no statue or case law anywhere, just an horribly ugly stain of enabling and upon the rule of law.

Now, Mr. Liptak of the New York Times goes full well into the government power implications should the case be taken on by the Supreme Court and decided for Trump or not ,what would happen this way or that, bleah bleah bleah, but completely misses the Supreme Court legitimacy angle.

Should the Supreme Court decide to take on the appeal they’ll seriously disrespect the intellect and rationale of the appeals court, and if they do take it and decide for Trump they’ll have gone full flat-out Bush vs Gore mode, a quack cabal making up a fantasy that has no basis in reality or statue, with that sick add-on of no precedence for the future.

The game is so up on the Supreme Court, they’ve aptly demonstrated to be slavishly corporate and make up a reality like racism is no longer relevant. That’s why we hear all this talk about expanding the number of justices, the Supreme Court is too broken and has to work properly.

Should they take on the Trump tax case it would just be another blaring klaxon of failure in the age of Trump, an enabling of fascism and oligarchy that would have been unthinkable just 5 years ago.

The Supreme Court doesn’t have to take the case to ensure a Trump loss and the statue, it’s already done by the Manhattan court, just decide not to take it for that path. For once we’ll get an answer relatively quickly, just this December.

It should be noted that the empiricism link to the New York Times wasn’t given lightly, I haven’t forgotten what you did to Hillary Clinton. Nor have I forgotten the repeated publishing of that Clinton Cash goon, the bewildering obsession with Trump voters, or trolling my people with that Tulsi Gabbard politics column.

I also haven’t forgotten someone very deliberately blocked my IP address/browser at the New York Times server for over a year after I relentlessly and righteously excoriated you on Twitter for that atrocious Election 2016 performance. Like all defensive punks in the wrong you just had to do something petty to get back at me.

I keep this in mind as I watch the digital subscription mails come in for the New York Times, many of my liberal brothers and sisters can make a serious case that this is an enabling of Trump and opponents of the Democratic Party. Rather like a parent with a child in recovery, I pay the bills every month with a grim hope things still often work out, the absurd scenario is still worth the faith in the truth and the future.

Truth be told I’m a mental pipsqueak in many ways to Mr. Liptak or Mr. Krugman at the Times, it’s worth the money when they pass on what they have. The truth in itself should be venerated too, of course, if the New York Times has it then I’ll link to it, no matter the personal reservations.

Empiricism and truth get attention here because as Amanda Marcotte pointed out at Salon, Trump and his people care nothing for the truth or being completely known as rank liars, oh well. They’re trying to confuse and exhaust us by burying the truth, and they seem to have a confidence they can manipulate the New York Times into helping them. One can truly wonder if the New York Times knows this, or even appears to care.

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