Thursday :: Nov 14, 2019

The Rebuild

by paradox

It has been a long, long 3 years and 2 months under the fascism of Trump, so the vista of 14 months into 2020 may seem like a limitless horizon of horror but in fact it’s really not that far away, in just over a year likely we’ll be swearing in a Democratic President.

President Trump has the worst polling and negative numbers of any modern President. He very well may not survive impeachment, and if he does he will take on a super-intense Democratic base and all their coalition, watch ‘em turn Texas purple.

Democratic Party chances for Senate control look good 14 months out, and I’m looking forward to Republican Senators being put in a crushing no-win impeachment bind. They’re going to find out this is not the Clinton impeachment, not hardly, sign up to enable Putin treachery and you’ll own it right into 2020 election as your ass hits the street as a private citizen.

From a practical political standpoint we should starting thinking about the 2020 Democratic Party agenda, yes, but lord knows our people need political hope and something truly constructive to think about for the future.

I have never felt so terrible or ashamed as an American, Trump and the Republicans have smashed the country into a fascist ditch, we are so much better than this, and we must not assume 2020 will be a normal transition, obviously massive change is necessary to rebuild a real Democracy for the little people. So for our new Democratic President and Congress for 2020, here’s an agenda start:

Electoral Reform. Obviously Electoral College problems aren’t quaint and remote anymore, there must be reform so the Presidency is a majority-rule contest. If it takes a constitutional amendment and years to execute for the love of Washington start, totally forget about any excuses, fix this.

When the state of Florida finally granted felons the right to vote through public referendum the State immediately passed a poll tax to stop it. Gerrymanders and barriers to vote flourish like fascist weeds wherever the Republicans are in control, it’s a pathetic reflection on their character.

Not to mention Democracy and critical representation for the little people themselves, of course, to rebuild the Democracy with any real viability national Democratic leadership must take on voting rights as a crucial issue and consistently fight for it. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, clean high-participation elections are what America’s all about, President Warren. Right?

Inequality. The American worker has lost all leverage to raise wages. Raise the federal minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, do everything possible so unions can become viable again, and rip apart the obscene American tax code, god everyone is ready to puke at the sight of our billionaires.

Climate Change. Here is where all the 21st century change will really impact the little people, heh, no emissions from my tiny household by 2030? Replace the cars, dryer, furnace, and stove, not to mention installing solar panels and a wind turbine. Just this challenge alone will require incredible resources and acceptance of change.

The quasi-capitalism energy structures like PG & E simply have to be junked, public utilities they will have to become. Along with a massive infrastructure build-out for an underground smart grid, as it’s structured now PG & E could never accomplish that, but it has to be done.

Infrastructure: Speaking of which, 40 years of stupid Republican stinginess on public spending has left the nation seriously structurally decrepit. Along with rail, road, and bridges public schools should be on the federal resource list.

It’s also time to take on a huge issue of non-existent train service in the United States. Since every car has to go electric of course the resource price goes way up for the ungodly killing machines of mayhem, it’s finally time to build a real electric rail system in the United States. It’s fine good politics, massive percentages of our little people have to get around and want nothing to do with our highways of death. Flying has a huge carbon price, American rail will have to become one of the best systems in the world as a total necessity.

Immigration. The horror show being inflicted on Customs & Immigration can never happen again, and we absolutely need to let many more souls immigrate here.

Healthcare. Medicare for all is at least a good start on the dysfunctional mess. I worry it will suck in too much oxygen on the agenda with so much else to do.

American government has to work for our little people to any chance at all, and we desperately need hope for the future that the Democratic Party and 2020 Presidency can deliver, the time of a great American rebuild is almost here.

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