Saturday :: Nov 23, 2019

Candidates Watching Joe Biden and the Republicans

by paradox

A strange absence in all the knifing news surrounding Ukraine is the silence from a core element of the story, Joe’s Biden’s son is the target of the base White House propaganda ploy and of course Biden is a major candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for President, yet Biden is personally not interjecting himself and his candidacy into the story. Why is that?

In a seriously depressing and dismaying political evolution Joe Biden decided his sell his 2020 candidacy as the God of Kumbaya, once the Trump era is over he will be the savior to bring Republicans back into civilization and make the country work again.

The Republicans have coalesced themselves into a modern fist of fascism, the President a career criminal careening from one act of lying cheating treachery to the next in a teeming, regressive Fox News bubble where literally anything goes as long as the libs are obliterated.

In the latest criminal act to blow up on the White House Joe Biden’s son Hunter was supposed to have his life thrown to the wolves in a chutzpah propaganda move of corruption, we all know how that turned out, yet incredibly a decision was made yesterday with the benefactors of our new Benito to say to hell with it, keep the Hunter Biden story alive anyway, have Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham start official inquires.

At this point even Joe Biden reached his Kumbaya breaking point and vociferously complained in the Washington Post, Lindsay Graham personally knows Hunter and Joe Biden, how could he stoop so low, how could he possibly do this?

Well, my dear Vice President Biden, when you transmit with fifty million watts that you are a naïve political weakling wide open to manipulation and abuse because somehow you mentally twisted yourself into a position of getting along with fascists, they knifed you and even your son with awful filth at the earliest opportunity. Shocking, isn’t it?

It’s finally time to fight back, so it’s done with personal appeals of decency through the media. Heh. I apologize for the small mirth, Vice President Biden, but that won’t work at all, please, personal integrity doesn’t matter to Republicans anymore, obviously, only power does, even power through crime, lying, bribery and treachery to Putin.

But because Biden has positioned himself as the ultimate conciliator he can’t fight back with constitutional principles, truth that leads to a real future or hope for our little people, what we got was terrible silence for weeks and then this whining in the Washington Post. Thankfully there are many other very qualified Democratic candidates in the field who will be the eventual nominee, Joe Biden is never going to make it with a performance like that.

It brings one no joy or satisfaction, not in the least, it’s a sad spectacle of lost opportunity and naïve wandering. At least in this civic debacle there is the chance for other Democratic candidates to watch and learn, the Republicans have devolved into stupid vicious slurring liars, projecting you’ll get along with them will only get you the failure of Joe Biden.

If somehow a candidate or reader cannot truly fathom the reality of Republicans devolving into fascists, watch them and Fox News mock Senator Warren as Pocahontas. The only political position for Democratic candidates regarding Republicans is a firm commitment to get them into the minority, everywhere, it can be done without an angry or vengeful tone.

The only other notable aspect to Biden’s candidacy that should hold attention to other candidates was his loyalty and commitment from our black community, an absolutely critical component to our success. Why is that?

Because they watched and listened to him for 40 years as he completely demonstrated he was not a racist, no small thing in the American political environment. Does any other candidate have 40 years of national experience to back them up?

Of course not. My humble advice to a candidate like Warren or Buttigieg is to go to the black community and honesty say you were never part of my past environments for politics, now you are, I’m new here, what do I have to concretely do in my politics and platform to get your votes?

Be real about it and plainly say so, I need black votes and for that I pledge real urban renewal with equality politics for it, something simple and specific worth fighting for. Don’t and you’ll get 2016 results, we all know how that turned out too.

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