Sunday :: Nov 24, 2019

Oh Way to Go, Republicans

by paradox

Susan Rice was in the New York Times last Friday and I instantly, eagerly read her work, I think the world of this great American, and there was an added bonus in the subtitle in that her lessons were not all depressing. Praise Jesus and his voter registration card let’s have it, a lift from the tragically depressing wreck of American government is just what the doctor ordered.

Serious bummer, it didn’t work. I’m sure the one element Ms Rice meant to sway our dismay was the heroic performance and shining resumes of our government workers who rightfully knifed the Republicans for being such dithering stupid liars, but it was completely unsurprising to me, in a way I expected it.

I suppose it isn’t common knowledge, but the Foreign Service exam is easily one of the toughest in the United States, if you want to work in the federal government you better be really good. Also, too, ethics and honesty actually mean a huge deal to these humans, lying means a catastrophic consequence to career and reputation, not to mention internal ethics. God someone tell those lying slimeballs McConnell and Trump.

How could the Republicans do this to themselves and to all of us? All that ungodly arrogant sexual and moral posturing from evangelicals, trashed. That ceaseless braying of it was the lying from the Clinton impeachment, gone. Free trade—heh. Small government, please.

What in the holy hell do you stand for anymore, Republicans? The rule of the law? Oh my god! The only relevant principle that can be applied to the Republican Party anymore—other than the expected groveling to billionaires and their money—is in fact accomplice, accomplice to felony and treachery!

Plus abandonment of any principle you cared to lie about in the past, there is that at least, honesty in treachery and fascism is something.

Oh shut up, don’t look at me like that. You Republicans will even sit there as Trump and his goons slime and degrade combat decorated veterans, god is there any level you won’t sink to, you sickos? Unfortunately I’m sure we’re going to find out in the affirmative in the coming months.

[opens hands helplessly] I’m not supposed to be here, I’m supposed to be a puttering homemaker in my gardens and kitchen who writes short fiction. These god damn Trump Republicans have trashed the country into catastrophic crisis and I have to help with my tiny efforts, there is no choice, man I look forward to the day the Republicans are obliterated.

Just like they are here in California, you lying traitors, did you think I’d use that word casually? Heh, come out here any time, the lying Republicans are obliterated, oh…blit…er…ated here, do you understand? Why is that?

The standard answer is their terrible racist ploys in immigration, particularly toward Latinos, it backfired on them spectacularly once Pete Wilson made it crystal clear he was a closet fascist. It took some time, but that’s certainly the truth.

Of course Trump and his filthy felony enabling Senators have made the same massive mistake, one could easily pronounce their demographic doom just from this alone, but it could also be done for their total collapse of ethics and principles under Trump.

How could it ever be possible for the Republicans to build a political success out of treachery? Treachery and lying to the very bedrock core of the democracy, elections! Okay, flouting the law for bribery and ignoring Congressional subpoenas, I suppose that will do, holy god what has happened to them?

Is this what the braying insular bubble of Fox News ultimately delivers for the Republic? Lying, treachery, betrayal to democracy and the rule of law? What joy to be alive in this evolution of America.

Oh so way to go, Republicans, it’s horrifying to see you trash yourselves and our government, you’re going down, this can never work in any dimension, Just know it brings no Democrat no pleasure, this isn’t a game, we’re not trying to stick it to you, god you did it to yourselves.

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