Tuesday :: Nov 26, 2019

Hey Look, Senator Kennedy Admits Being an Evil Liar is Wrong

by paradox

I made a decision 60 minutes ago to steel my mental health against the lying treacherous filth of the Republican Party to write up the absolute outrage of Senator Kennedy of Louisiana last Sunday, he went on television and flat-out lied about Russia and Ukraine, the message was totally obvious, whatever Trump has done or is impeached for Senator Kennedy is all in, lying fascism is so good with him.

This is precisely how we lose our Democracy and country, mechanisms are put in place to remove a dangerous felon President and the hearts and minds assigned to that duty, incredibly, chuck it out the window. To do that they—and Senator Kennedy—become rank stupid liars to enable any felony. If Senator Kennedy is willing to debase himself to this extent he’ll accept anything, another illegitimate election, war on any pretense, crushing the 1st amendment for Trump, anything, bye bye America.

Evil is a spiritual dimension to defining certain human behaviors, not the usual empirical observations used here. Dr. Scott Peck, author of A Road Less Travelled, defined evil in his work People of the Lie as the precise dishonesty displayed by Senator Kennedy on Sunday, total willful lying to conceal terrible wrongs or hurts. So what, the filth of Trump is worth it, it’s a sick filthy thing to do and I’ll shove it in your face anyway.

If one makes the spiritual choice of defining evil among us, well, Senator Kennedy and his lying enabling Republican buddies certainly fit the definition perfectly. Great.

There’s the personal affront to this, it applies to all of us, how dare a US Senator lie so blatantly like that. I pay taxes, I have wartime service, I live with the truth and use my turn signal, my god, this guy cannot talk to US citizens this way.

Far more than that is the dishonor Senator Kennedy flung on our Founders and everyone who has sacrificed so much to build this country, this guy is a Senator, oh my god, the legacy of Washington, Truman, Democracy, a free press, this means nothing to him? Lying and cheating an election for Presidency, oh well, Kennedy could give a damn about everyone who gave everything so he could live in a free Democracy.

Television and American media have a terrible record of even using recent history for relevant analysis, and this time I was going to slam home with my tiny blogging spear for the sake of truth and history what this Republican scumbag had done, at least at The Left Coaster the clear record of what happened will be repeated again, hopefully not to be forgotten.

Well look at this, everybody, a quick perusal of the news wires reveals I wasn’t the only one who was outraged, enough pushback has occurred for Senator Kennedy that he had to admit lying about Russia and Ukraine was wrong. Of course Senator doesn’t elucidate why it was wrong, so I’ll fill it in for you, Senator.

It’s wrong to rankly lie as a Senator to enable a President who pays off porn stars and bribes Ukraine to cheat national elections. It’s an absolute outrage you think you can talk and behave that way to any American. Your sick filthy behavior, which many would describe as evil, could easily take down the world’s oldest Democracy.

There’s all that, but what bothers me equally is the personal dimension, Senator Kennedy. Why did you do this to yourself? Everything your parents and schools did for you, everything you worked for, all these amazing accomplishments I’d be thrilled to have in my own life history, all of it gone with sick lying and stupid regression. You might as well be a skid row bum being cruel to alley dogs for all the good you are to the country now.

Your intelligence could easily be classified in the brilliant range, but it hasn’t stopped you from making an incredibly stupid personal and political choice, you’re going to have to live with it for the rest of your life now. If the stakes weren’t so high and the tarnished legacy so severe I’d feel sorry for you, but since they are all that’s left is a bewildered disgust, being such a disgraceful liar will never work in any dimension.

If somehow that screaming reality cannot sink in then by god and baby Jesus Election 2020 will do it for you, this will never stand, you cannot take down the United States of America with lying fascism, Senator Kennedy, you cannot.

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