Monday :: Dec 9, 2019

President Trump Cheated Elections 2016 & 2020

by paradox

In all the uproar and brouhaha frothing out of Washington DC right now this is the base salient fact of the Trump Presidency, he cheated with the Russians in Election 2016 and was caught attempting to cheat Election 2020.

He’d been caught in the Mueller Report, too, but enough frantic lying and obfuscation—coupled with extreme hesitancy in the Democratic Party—let him off the hook, so he instantly tried cheating again with Ukraine. In both scenarios President Trump grossly obstructed justice and has blown up the United States democracy norm of separation of powers.

For the love of Hamilton, how many times must it be shouted with forty billion decibels that the takeover by fascism is an almost indiscernible creep!? Professor Gerhardt at the impeachment hearings unequivocally stated if Trump refused all impeachment cooperation with Congress then separation of powers in the United States is gone.

Separation of powers was always proclaimed as a core pillar of American Democracy, if it’s gone then that means the American Democracy is gone! What’s left is a clanking, stupid shell that won’t work—a Russian plant who cheated his elections and is a career babbling lying criminal is President, there is no way to get rid of him.

In all this surreal horror show of incredulity and insomnia is the putrid act of enabling by the Republican Party, there used to be institutional structures in the United States to get rid of Putin’s puppet but they’re gone, with desperate hope to save the country the little people have looked to people like Senator Ted Cruz and the result is just more revolting failure, he threw away everything of his character to become a enabling fascist, it’s beyond disgusting.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post captured this virulence well yesterday, but reading her and nearing the conclusion and old friend of mine stopped by that I hadn’t deeply felt for a long time: fear.

The current roar of scandal out of Washington DC surrounds the cheating of federal Presidential elections. Now Senators like Ted Cruz are lying and throwing everything of their alleged character away to enable it.

They’re throwing the legitimacy and efficacy of the Presidential elections away! If cheating meant nothing to them in 2016 and 2020, why accept the results of 2020 at all? Do whatever it takes to come up with some excuse to nullify the results—just as Ted Cruz did yesterday—and keep Trump in power no matter the totals are.

Go ahead and scoff, it could never happen. Right? Then take a good, long look around—our separation of powers are gone. Federal elections are cheated with blithe acceptance. Camps have been built on the border to house separated migrant children, one wonders if they’ll install ovens next. The Republican Party has gone berserk and regressed into enabling fascism. The President is a lying criminal in multiple dimensions—even to cheat his elections—and cannot be removed.

The welling fear in all this rises from the sociopathic shamelessness of Trump and the Republican Party. Get caught being a sexual predator and paying off a porn star in the election? No problem. Be a tax cheat and create a lying ripoff charity? Eh. Cheat Election 2016 and commit obstruction justice to smash apart American Democracy? It’s all good.

There is no crime or smashing of Democracy these felons feel shame or remorse for. One always thinks there must be a bottom, there must ne a line somewhere that stops them somewhere, but in three years Trump and the Republicans have already trashed and smashed our Democracy, they’re capable of anything to stay in power. Anything.

We still have a distributed, de-centralized election system, thank the universe for that. It makes overt cheating and stealing of the results much more difficult, there is good hope there.

By and large the US journalism corps has been it’s disgraceful, babbling both sides whataboutism mess through this horror show, but there are significant signs of improvement since 2016. Here is the greatest hope of regaining the Democracy in 2020, a mechanism of truth to truly show what Trump and the Republicans have done. So far they have not show themselves up to the task or even aware of the screaming crisis, not hardly.

I do grow weary of endlessly spearing our inept journalism cousins. They refuse to listen, but they should know if Trump is still in power 2021 they’ll come after you, oh yes, fascists hate mechanisms for truth. You’ll be just another migrant child to them.

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