Friday :: Dec 13, 2019

Judicial Branch Lets the Country Down

by paradox

Since there are only 2 written articles of impeachment for felon President Donald Trump many voices have listed numerous other crimes that could have been added to the list, but one I haven’t seen and certainly would have included is misappropriation of funds, a President simply cannot raid Congressionally mandated defense money to build that manifestly offensive border wall.

I have vociferously tried to warn on the indiscernible creep of erosion of liberty and Democratic governance that is happening right this second, described as normalization in other circles. The United States lost its separation of powers when Trump refused to cooperate with impeachment, and Congress lost its power of the purse when Trump raided Defense funds for his American Iron Curtain.

I can assure you with every atom in my brain—so would Michael Beschloss, so would David McCullough---that were the Founders somehow to be gathered in one room with Donald Trump before them they would be venomously spitting and shouting obscenities at this gross American charlatan, hurling chairs at this blabbering cretin who would so dare to smash cherished pillar Democratic American principles.

For Trump to dare to commit obstruction of justice for impeachment and then actually get away with it in real time while everyone else is just ho-hum about it is a blaring klaxon of broken Democracy and appalling normalization.

Of course the instant recourse is to turn to Judicial, this is just outrageous and a flagrant breaking of the law on so many levels. Any judge would have said so, Ketanji Jackson promptly did, and it didn’t mean a god damn thing because the ruling is appealed. Just as the crystal clear rulings for Trump to turn over his taxes, they mean nothing as long as Trump can endlessly appeal.

Way to go Judicial Branch, over 200 years of law and jurisprudence didn’t mean jack when the country has a criminal Russian asset gleefully breaking any law while he pays off porn stars and cheats elections. How proud you must be.

A tiny flicker of truth, justice and Democracy recently transpired in this hellish landscape of crime and injustice, Trump was blocked from raiding Defense funds to build is monument to racism and Soviet defenses.

A moment of much-needed sanity, yes, but it did nothing to stop the flagrant crimes surrounding impeachment or puncture any of the amazing arrogance of American Republican Senators. These days they’d rather go to Russia on the Fourth of July than be real stewards of American Democracy.

It didn’t go without notice that in writing up the decision Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post made sure to declare it was timely, so very quick, and that The courts, at least at the federal and circuit court levels, have done a remarkable job restraining the president’s continual power grabs.

Then there’s this genuflect that the Federal courts can only do much after acknowledging Congressional Republicans enable rank criminality and mobster payoff politics.

“Remarkable” in the their clarity of decisions, yes, but nonetheless completely crippled to a clanking broken useless branch of American government through endless appeal. Ms Rubin knows this full well, but she’s trying to assure her American readers the system still really works, the America we knew is still here, the courts have done all they can.

In a very real sense that’s completely true, Judicial has done all it can, unfortunately when its structure was set up it never occurred to anyone that the President would be a criminal liar Russian plant more than happy to smash the Democracy so he can cheat elections. He’s getting away with it because Republicans are enabling him and Judicial is crippled.

If we somehow ever get out this with the ability to pass real legislation in a unified Democratic Party government this absolutely has to get fixed, it has to be part of a Democracy reform package that attacks gerrymanders and poll taxes, has the election on a Saturday, has the Presidency as simple majority outcome and makes sure the Democracy can survive a criminal tyrant by having the Judicial Branch quickly stop him. Activists are calling it the National Emergencies Act.

Sounds about right, since this is the very worst screaming political crisis the United States has ever been in, it’s creeped on many of us, just as it did in Germany 1933.

Ultimately the real solution to all of this has also been made by Ms Rubin, do absolutely everything possible next year to vote these Russian traitor Republicans out, all of them, everywhere, everything possible to get these terrible Russian criminals out of our government.

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