Friday :: Dec 20, 2019

The Judicial Branch May Save Us Yet

by paradox

Paul Krugman of the New York Times highlights today what should be screamingly obvious after the House impeachment vote, the Republican Party has regressed into an embarrassing, lying authoritarian pack of nauseating suck-ups more than willing to smash the constitution to stay in power, the American Democracy is under fierce assault and we are in total crisis.

How could this be, how could this have happened to us? As Krugman pointed out this is a familiar story, Democracy has failed in Hungary and Poland, and it certainly failed in Germany 1932. Why is it often so successful for a stupid criminal like Trump or Hitler to overthrow a Democracy?

The main part of the answer is in the sentence above: criminal. Thugs like Hitler and Trump have absolutely no regard or belief in the law or rules whatsoever and totally demonstrated so before they took power. They’re also inveterate liars who sucker ordinary citizens and the media who think everyone plays by the rules.

In this criminal leadership setup is a system they can somehow exploit to enable them and prop them up. We see it in the present United States with a pathetic journalism corps and tribal Republican Party gone berserk, they’re manipulated or happily go along with Trump as he criminally holds onto power.

As I’ve written before, we also see it in the United States with a hamstrung Judicial branch. It’s absolutely outrageous Trump got away with obstructing Congress in real time, it completely blows up the American system of separation of powers, but the Judicial decision to stop him is on endless appeal. Manipulated, exploited and useless, an American Judicial branch was a nice idea, anyway.

Another hallmark of overtaken Democracies is a feckless—meaning weak, bewildered and hopelessly cautious—opposition Party. It’s just so very difficult for a Party playing by the law and rules to face criminal political opposition, thugs like Trump and Erdogan do not believe or adhere to the law and endlessly lie about it, it’s an almost hopeless environment and no surprise so many opposition Parties fail.

Krugman today is saying the American opposition is not in the usual pattern of knuckling under a lying tyrant. Democratic Party impeachment performance was generally impressive (if too truncated) and Nancy Pelosi appears to be in some political jujitsu move to force Trump Senate trial participation and blow up the outrageous Soviet Trump tactic of obstruction of Congress.

If Speaker Pelosi can pull that off then it can mean only good for the truth and the country, of course Trump obstructed Congress because he’s guilty as hell, if he handed over documents or had his people testify it would only smash home the roaring lying guilt even more so.

Even though I’ve written off our hapless Judicial branch there is still good hope here too, the Supreme Court decided to take on all three of Trump’s income tax appeals cases and will actually spit out a final decision of real power and meaning around next April, Speedy Gonzales got nothing on the Supremes.

No, the test of Judicial here is not timely response to a criminal tyrant President, they’ve already tragically blown that one. As Linda Greenhouse of the New York Times explains the test is whether the Court can cogently function as a basic mechanism of American law at all.

The reader should understand these tax cases are childishly simple and stark. The law says if A holds up a blue card turn over your tax returns. A shows up in court and holds up a blue card, Trump’s lawyers say the card is green, amazingly, and flout the law. The court says Trump’s lawyers are completely full of it. Okay, appeal!

That’s truly where we are with our Supreme Court, and with everything on the line for the survival of the Republic those clowns have demonstrated no history to show they’ll actually come through for the truth, law and the country. Racism is behind us, we don’t decide gerrymander cases, we’ll shut down an election again too if it’s convenient.

Forced to attempt a prediction I would say the Court in this instance and environment will side with law and country and force Trump to turn over his tax returns. In a very basic way the Court should understand blowing up the law to enable Trump could smash up their very system and existence itself.

The Court will also have to go through some incredible pretzel trampoline legal routine to somehow convince everyone that blue card is in fact green. They’ve done it before but it can only be done so many times before the lunatics are ignored. Along with the Constitutional issues I just don’t think the Court is willing to push reality that far, they may come through for the country just yet.

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