Monday :: Jan 13, 2020

The Fascism Test

by paradox

I suppose it’s pretty plain I’m very angry with the United States military when I propose they get annual budgets of $350 or $400 billion, but the clowns have completely earned it by instantly doing whatever Trump orders and obviously failing the fascism test.

A few months ago a clever writer at Daily Kos came up with a media competence threshold called the Hack Test. Around twice a year Republicans launch their classic hissy fit of fabricated outrage, usually to distract but often to just knife the libs for the hell of it. The latest fake bomb of butthurt was the use of Barron Trump’s name in the impeachment hearings, NBC News was the worst offender in failing.

Donald Trump is an obvious lying felon who, as they say, is a paradigmistic example of treachery and crime to the Constitution. At this very hour the lies ramble on why we attacked Iran, the guy is an obvious classic fascist, the American Democracy is so broken and we live in the nightmare every hour.

Yet among our coddling American journalism cousins the word fascist apparently gets out the smelling salts and lavender handkerchiefs, my heavens, Trump obviously criminally hates American Democracy with numerous lying felonies but, well, just because he behaves almost precisely like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler every week doesn’t mean we could use that word.

These are the clowns that will tell you the Mueller Report is incomprehensible because it’s long and complicated. One is surprised they still know how to dress in the morning, they’re so stupidly blinkered, but since Trump is so obviously does not believe or act for American Democracy that means he’s a fascist, I’ve studied political science all my life and he’s a perfect filthy fit for fascism, trust me.

So by cheating the election, frightening tribal loyalty by Republicans and a journalism corps obsessed with knifing Hillary Clinton Trump the fascist criminally ascends to the American Presidency and instantly puts her institutions under duress and test. Do they stand firm and remain Democratic or enable the New American Fascism?

Congress. As of this moment Congress is ultimately poised to fail, but at least parts of it performed well. Trump blew up the separation of powers and obstructed Congress in impeachment, the Senate appears poised to completely enable Trump by shutting down the trial, so Congress fails.

Trump is impeached for life, Nancy Pelosi did her duty well, but unless Moscow Mitch somehow gets reformed in the next 72 hours Congress will fail America.

The Military. A complete obvious failure and frightening example of how a Democracy can be lost. Trump is an obvious traitor to Russia, he spits on Gold Star families, he pardons war criminals, he abandons our allies and will lie to start a war but still the Pentagon slavishly, instantly does whatever he says.

I understand how unfair this is for our officer corps, the whole system is set up for the President to be Commander in Chief, military discipline demands you follow orders and if those weenie Democrats get in power they’ll cut the Defense budget.

No member of the shit sandwich military career needs a lesson in unfairness, it’s not a difficult concept for them, but they still seem completely unable to comprehend a medicated lying traitor has become President and they simply cannot be a tool to such an obvious felon, but they still instantly failed.

Judicial Branch. Another unfair failure, given their framework they’ve performed well but they’re totally hamstrung, they cannot spit out a timely decision because of appeal.

Democratic Party. Finally a clear pass, the Democrats impeached the orange traitor and have done their duty for the Democracy.

Republican Party. A complete horrifying failure, the sight of Lindsey Graham instantly leading the pack for fascism has been a frightening, nauseating sight.

Journalism Corps. An infuriating failure by alleged adults who cannot identify what Trump is, cannot plainly identify truth and are constant stupid dupes to fascism media tactics. Trump is a plain felon who is being enabled by sick Republicans, but impeachment is “partisan” in its Congressional failure.

Institutional Bureaucracy. The Deep State, if you will, the fourth branch of American government always in place with career patriots. Here is a shining glorious pass, the impeachment performance was legendary in its truth and bravery.

Of course the greatest pillar to American Democracy is her people, and so far they get a gratifying pass, Election 2018 and taking the House proved that. Here of course the real test is Election 2020, the ultimate fascism test and answer arrives in November.

One can see from all the horrifying failure above every day is a walking nightmare for the little people, the Democracy is being taken down in front of us, but finally the national election is here with everything possible being done to throw the fascists out. All indications are that this is likely so, but there’s a very long way to go until we truly know.

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