Wednesday :: Jan 15, 2020

Will there be a Congress left after Moscow Mitch is done?

by paradox

I was darkly amused to see Speaker Nancy Pelosi tease the release of impeachment articles yet one more day, it so clearly distressed the misogynist fascists in the Republican Party who want to get the Trump cover-up over as quickly as possible. Most observers have noted the delay tactic brings forth more damning evidence but there’s something else important at play here.

Any observant American citizen call tell you substantive legislation rarely makes it out of Congress in an election year. Why is that? Because politicians are the ultimate cautious creatures, difficult legislation forces compromise and the taking of controversial stances, a politician wants to put forth a sunny face of happy accomplishment in an election year, not dark memories of bloody political battles.

Just as important in all the caution is the cover for screwing the little people, easily half the politicians don’t give a damn about the country or the citizenry, they’re there to front various serious money interests and the fascist repression of the Republican Party. Oh my god that truth could never come out in an election year, don’t do anything politically real to show your hand.

The only real lever and check the little people have on Congress is of course the election. American politicians know last year is down the memory hole (it’s ridiculous, but American political journalism lets them get away with it), but this year attention and accountability matter. Every passing day it matters a little more, of course Speaker Pelosi knows it and tightened home her accountability screws, thank you, Speaker Pelosi.

When Trump obstructed Congress by refusing any testimony or documents from the Executive branch--an outrageous act that has never happened before, blew up American Democracy separation of powers and of course got him impeached—the House Republicans escaped accountability for their lying fascism by the loss of the vote, ultimately it didn’t matter, Trump was impeached anyway and attention moves to the Senate.

The Republicans are in the majority in the Senate, of course, but what this means is they have to face and act in with what the House Republicans didn’t, real accountability in blowing up the Democracy by obstructing Congress with their very own hands and voices.

Again, if the Founders were here 25% would be weeping the human mind could be so stupid to throw away such a precious and important human endeavor, while the rest would be hurling chairs and spitting with rage at Moscow Mitch for smashing Congress, my God as a member himself, the Senate Majority leader!

If Moscow Mitch gets away with a cover-up for Trump the United States of America is gone, can it finally be made any more clear how we’ve lost the Democracy and the country? Congress will be unable to effectively check the Executive in any meaningful form, bye bye America.

Remember, all we’re demanding from these fascists is the truth, the truth of what happened with Trump’s Ukraine felonies and treachery. The Republican fascists are still clearly so easily in the Senate majority, if they’re so sure the truth doesn’t merit impeachment don’t vote for it, fascists, and keep Trump in power.

Again, the legal rationale for Trump’s obstruction is laughably flimsy and such a transparent lie, Trump is simply covering up more screaming guilty evidence and testimony.

So our dear Senate Republicans—six of which went to Russia on the Fourth of July to feel out the new leadership—face a choice, blow up the Democracy be enabling Trump in obstruction, or enable Trump in his crimes by acquitting him, even with the more smashing evidence of Bolton and Mulvaney, plus all the documentation.

Obviously Moscow Mitch would rather face the humiliation and disgrace of blowing up the Democracy in Trump obstruction, it’s so much quicker and leaves no evidence behind.

American journalism has been absolutely terrible at defining what’s at stake with Trump obstruction and horribly stupid by ridiculously adhering to its both-siderism, plus the fact that Trump is frantically lying and wagging the dog, in the fog of all the other news it can be difficult for the little people to truly see what Trump and the Republicans are doing.

Smashing Congress or enabling Executive felony and treachery are two extremely profound and glaring acts, however, and even the failure of American journalism will not cover for it, it can’t, eventually the truth will become more known as the year goes on.

In these terrible dark times we shall soon see what our new American Republican Senate fascists choose to inflict on the country. Maybe they’ll keep the American Congress, maybe they won’t.

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