Thursday :: Jan 16, 2020

The American Fascism Media Show Roils On

by paradox

I wish readers knew the moxie and bravery required to use the word fascist when describing Trump, it’s a dark evil word of times long gone by, we could never regress that far and only a yelling crank would use it, just ignore that attention-grabbing bore.

Of course I want my ideas and writing to be taken seriously, and naturally it hurts my feelings to be instantly written off and passed over as a radical bomb-thrower. It’s important to me and critical for the country to understand why I describe Trump and the Republicans as modern fascists, three stories just from yesterday slam the truth home even more, so this horribly uncomfortable American political phenomena merits examination again.

To back up a little, historians and political scientists have long been fascinated with the birth of fascism and rise of Adolf Hitler in the Weimar Republic of Germany of the early 1930’s. Not only that, they’ve always watched American politics closely to see if the fascism phenomena could happen here, the countries are that eerily similar.

Both highly energetic, disciplined, resentful societies fervently grasping any new technological tools to wield forth violent, very restless conquering hegemon politics. If you didn’t know that easily accurate description of the United States of America, well, now you do.

Both Hitler and Trump were written off as childish intellectual crook cranks, yet one reason they ascended to power is by using the same tactic: mass political rallies of frothing rage, goading lies and seething tease violence, that’s what Trump and Hitler performed, an act that promises violence against all the bastards who took our rightful life from us.

Historians usually state the extreme state of terrible Weimar economics and the humiliating sanctions imposed by the loss of WWI goaded German rage and resentment, thus the exploitation of it by Hitler.

We now know extreme economic resentment is not necessary for the birth of fascism, just two generations of screwing the little people since 1980 were quite enough to foster the necessary levels of anger and resentment.

Hitler consolidated power among his base with the very real threat of violence with his brownshirts, using the instant tactic of any good criminal, fear. Trump wields his fear to whip the Republican Party into total obeisance, go against him and the base and the fury of Fox News shunning and anger is upon you.

Weimar Germany carried the resentment yoke of WWI defeat, but what does modern America seethe with? Please, of course, racism, white America is going away with real patriarchy threats from equality politics, Trump easily exploits it. It’s plain horrifying how easy it is, Trump is a thug criminal dolt but can still do it, it’s what the racists and bigots want, they don’t demand honesty or ethics for it.

We now know the new American flavor of fascism doesn’t require implied or real violence in the streets at all, all it took was a thug criminal mind like Trump’s to simply bully and humiliate his primary field. The Republican Party is the authoritarian, repressive element of American politics with a violent, racist base, Jeb Bush and his pathetic gang were sadly helpless against a vicious, lying bully.

The Nazis loved the new technology of radio, to them it represented a blessed workaround to traditional constraining media. Trump is infatuated with the instant, non-filtered Internet media application of Twitter.

Both Hitler and Trump brutally and viciously implemented racist scapegoating, the Jews were persecuted in Germany, Trump chose Latinos crossing the boarder for the United States. Naturally this goaded anti-Semitism here too, the racists are basically all of the same gang, Jewish hate crimes have terribly spiked this year.

Both Hitler and Trump were and are inveterate, constant liars, stupid childish lies of horrible bullying. Having lived through it we now know it has nothing to do with persuasion and everything to do with confusion, the truth is just obliterated in all the noise of constant lying.

This is a deep, complex subject I’ve just barely touched here, but the total similarities in multiple dimensions are simply too many not to reach the obvious conclusion: we have a new flavor of fascism inflicted upon us, the modern Trump American version, it really has happened.

This, too, is a hugely complex phenomena, but we now know for certain one obvious reason was journalism failure, political media coverage completely missed and enabled Trump’s criminality, while viciously and constantly knifing Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday three writers—Greg Sargent, Chauncey Devega, and Aaron Rupar—all on the same day reviled the American journalism corps for normalizing Trump yet again, he’s a raving lunatic that easily draws comparisons to Adolf Hitler yet incredibly the American media will not say so.

Even worse, as Eric Boehlert noted, this sick disgusting treatment of Trump is now baked in, American journalists are defensive, obnoxious pack creatures of snotty defiance, they’ll never admit wrong and lose face by accurately covering Trump now.

We can only watch in horrified despair, do everything we can as Democrats to get the country out of this fascist hell this year, and for what it’s worth state the obvious truth again.

American journalism corps—ABC, CBS, MSNBC, Fox, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, all the rest—you are an absolute disgrace to your mission of delivering truth. Your stupid, corporate ethos have immeasurably helped inflict a new form of horrifying fascism on the United States and the world. Please, please understand how dysfunctional you are and what you’ve done. Only then may you possibly be a factor in banishing Trump and his evil fascism from the United States forever.

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