Monday :: Jan 20, 2020

Any answers on the Russian honeytrap scandal?

by paradox

There have been persistent rumors around the intertubes for weeks that a high-ranking Trump administration security member had their cell phone and laptop stolen in a classic Russian honeytrap, lure the mark sexually with a beautiful woman—hopefully lots of booze involved—and then steal whatever valuable elements the mark has when he’s conked out.

This morning it popped up again at the Daily Kos pundit roundup, a link to a Twitter account that links to the APNews wire, just stating that Andrew Peek, senior White House advisor on Europe and Russia, had been escorted off the White House grounds last Friday.

“…we do not discuss personnel matters.” The National Security Council said in a statement. Of course not, no one does, there are no press briefings of any kind anymore, all of these arrogant, haughty fools in the White House are clueless everyone gave up on discussing anything with them, they’ll just lie to you even if they deign to speak.

Two brave American souls told AP anonymously Peek is on leave in a “security-related” investigation. Just a check on his credit score, I’m sure.

Ultimately the little people will accept the rumors as truth, since the White House refuses even to lie about it, it must be really bad for that behavior. Incredibly, after everything that’s happened with Russia, a White House senior advisor really did fall for a honeytrap and had his laptop and cell phone stolen. He’s lost his security clearance and his job.

In theory. The second part of the story is that the White House knew for months Peek was compromised and did nothing. Being compromised to the Russians is a good thing in the Trump Administration, we get it.

This comes on the horrifying news the National Archives center altered images it deemed inappropriate. My dismay is limitless, my disbelief profound, what in the holy hell has happened to the United States of America? In just three years we have turned into an idiot authoritarian state of screaming stupidity, cruelty, lying and regression.

Maybe an answer is the in the need for humans to blindly follow authority, Trump became President and okay it must be all right to be lying authoritarian idiots to come out and fully be so, since the President is. There truly is no other answer, Peek was an Army intelligence officer with Princeton, Harvard and Johns Hopkins on his resume, it’s impossible for him not to know about a honeytrap, but, well, you know, follow the leader.

Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, anyone? It would be very well for the little people to know the full truth here, but we have zero hope of getting it, since the story isn’t about Hillary Clinton’s email server. Maybe you could make an act of trying. Democracy dies in darkness, bummer.

Ultimately the only thing to say to this virulently disgusting, stupid ripoff lying government is to throw it the hell out, there is a super real ray of hope it can be done with the projected Election 2020 numbers, they’re off the chain with dizzying high numbers.

That can only mean smashing Democratic Party victory if it actually comes through, heh, there’s no way the American electorate finally gets off the couch to fully embrace all the lying stupid treachery. They’re not forgetting any of the horror show, none of it, and I don’t buy for a second the “paradox” of The Atlantic reporting, participation rates the 70’s mean a smashing Democratic Party victory, nothing else.

Not a certainty yet, of course not, and if the New York Times can ever stop interviewing stupid Trump voters they’ll find out the Democratic Party base burns with a fury and energy none of us have ever seen, there is no way to measure what it will deliver in Election 2020 so lousy American journalists ignore it, but it’s there, oh yes.

Another lying authoritarian to worm out of DC recently is that punk Arizona Senator, McSally, who recently attacked the free press in her impeachment duty to Trump and the Russians. For that little trick, Ms McSally, when my tax refund arrives I’m instantly donating $100 to your opponent, Mark Kelly. The little people have absolutely had it with lying Russian pawns, I wish you well in your 2021 future as just another disgraced Trump loser.

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