Wednesday :: Jan 22, 2020

The Impeachment Aftermath

by paradox

I often find myself irritated at the fools who predict the impeachment outcome in the Senate as an easy call in acquittal for President Putin, surely there is no more stupid intellectual path than to predict the precise future. But, I remind myself, general prediction is a necessary element for survival and thus a natural tendency in politics.

I’ve done it myself, in a rare venture into the shifty murk of the future I predicted the Senate would allow House witnesses and documentation. A move of desperate hope and possibly a tiny nudge in the environment to see that desired outcome.

Not because I think it would mean eventual conviction for President Puppet, but because I don’t want to see the American federal government twisted and broken before my eyes in real time, in my years I’ve seen some terrible things but never imagined living through this horror.

Our pathetic journalism corps has missed this (it’s a huge reason it’s happening), the issue is not a partisan fight over procedure, the issue is American separation of powers and the total right of Congress to see the truth in witnesses and documents. If in fact Moscow Mitch prevails obstruction of Congress will have been inflicted by part of Congress itself, the institution will be irrevocably broken from its core mission as a check on the Executive.

Plus all the fun knowledge acquittal will be a gross and heinous precedent for our new American dictator, he can commit terrible crimes and break the government, for our Republican cousins it’s all good, no problem no worries, lying, crime and cover-up are the New American Way.

Then President Politburo will bray incessantly for weeks how laughably innocent he is on Twitter and teevee, the electorate is stocking up on alcohol and anti-depressants, yes.

But what then? I was watching Politics Monday on the PBS Newshour weeks ago, Amy Cook and was trying to game this out with Judy Woodruff, and in an absolutely classic teevee journalism mindset she said well, it will all blow over and in March we’ll all be talking about something else.

This is a huge reason I loathe teevee journalism, the past means absolutely nothing to them, there’s never any context to any story they rush to broadcast. Always now now now, where’s the next story, follow the leader on the next hot one and forget that boring one we were just talking about for days.

We see this in the asinine and infuriating reporting on the federal deficit. Every time a Democrat is elected all of a sudden the deficit is a screaming problem for Republicans—it means more social spending—but when the Republicans gain power the first thing they do is blow up the budget, teevee journalism is like, well, it’s in the present, it’s all good.

We can all share a solid confidence a Democrat will be elected President in November. I don’t own a firearm in this house out of any respect for human safety, it’s because I paid a lot of money for my teevee, a Democrat will be elected this Fall and then some fatuous lying Republican will start yapping about the dangerous deficit in December.

Incredibly the television journalist will just sit there and let it happen, she or he won’t say a word about any of the history of this screaming hypocrisy and if I owned a gun I know with every atom in my body at that moment I’d get it out and blast that god damn infernal idiot box, oh yes I would, smashing gasses and ammunition tearing apart my precious house, it would be a catastrophe in many dimensions.

All we can say of a possible acquittal in the Senate is that of course things will not be the same, and if we have to live in a blinkered stupid mindset of teevee journalism of knowing no history we can do everything possible to keep this year’s total facts of Republican crime and cover-up into the present election.

One of the reasons we’re in this terrible mess is the Republican propaganda outfit of Fox News and the flaccid intransience of mainstream reporting, Republicans allegedly have a high confidence their crimes and cover-up can be obviated by the lousy American journalism environment.

That may very well be so, but the truth of what’s happened has it’s own power too. Good luck President Putin and Republican Party, I really don’t see how being enabling traitorous criminals is a good look in an election. I wish you well in the crushing mental vice you’ve walked into.

They very well may obstruct Congress and acquit. If they do it will never be forgotten no matter how hard American journalism tries, our candidates will see to that, that is all we can say for sure.

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