Thursday :: Feb 6, 2020

May March 3rd Super Tuesday Gel the Democratic Party

by paradox

The faintest of silver linings to the utter debacle of Monday’s Iowa Democratic Primary is the tiny hope this absolute horseshit Party primary process will finally be junked for 2024, every caucus banished forever in a sane setup of four regional primaries.

I’m sure some are surprised I self-identify as a Machiavellian, it seems a strange mantle for a little-people liberal. The confusion stems from miss-classification of who Machiavelli was, which was a supreme realist who didn’t lie to himself about the brutal environment he was in with no compunction in using realism tactics.

I state so here because realism and the Monday Iowa results forces acutely dire and troubling facts about the current state of the Democratic Party and future of the United States. How I wish I could offer hope, optimism and confident victory but honesty and realism forces anything but, lying to ourselves will just make it worse.

From what we can perceive the idiots in Iowa gave to us in results none of the mainstream candidates won and gave victory to Pete Buttigieg, identified by Markos Moulitsas as a “junk candidate.” Why is that? Because Sanders, Biden, and Warren simply didn’t inspire much with turnout dismayingly down from 2008.

Bernie Sanders did quite well, but if he wins in New Hampshire the DC Democratic Party establishment, as Dr. Atrios so accurately forecast at Eschaton, is going to totally freak out and do everything they can to sabotage him. Amazingly the Sanders supporters are oblivious to the seething hatred (yes, real hatred) and resentment from the Hillary Clinton faction of the Party still hurting over the 2016 results.

Should Sanders win New Hampshire both of those groups are going to abandon the restraint shown so far and potentially rip the Party apart by doing everything they can to stop him. I’m sure that’s going to be fun to watch and do so many positive things for the Party.

As a little people liberal I can completely see and understand where the Bernie people and candidacy are coming from. For the last 40 years Party leadership has embraced a Republican lite mantra of a rising tide lifts all boats, it’s total bullshit and has created a massive vacuum for little people leadership. It finally split the Party and may have irrevocably broken us.

I’m not blaming anyone or taking sides, it’s just so obviously what’s happened. From the small early indicators we have the Democratic Party is not going to nominate an inspiring candidate for 2020, and may have a nuclear fight on its hands before it finally nominates Sanders.

Can Sanders beat Trump? I don’t know. Trump will do everything he can to smear him with filth, the US journalism corps will enable Trump again and all the Republicans will vote. That’s precisely what will happen to anyone who becomes the Democratic Party nominee, Sanders will instantly be labeled a Communist too, seriously, we run in a terrible environment that’s seriously stacked against the Democratic Party.

What to do? First instantly forgive yourself for being down and discouraged, we all are, anyone would be. Along with Iowa we got impeachment acquittal and the filthy Rush Limbaugh/Trump 4evah trolling, it would rip anyone down, it’s the worst I’ve ever felt about American politics in all my life.

It’s temporary, we’ll get through this, as Amanda Marcotte says you soldier on. We cannot see the future, we may not perceive the present correctly, events will happen to change the environment. Rest, get your exercise, check in with your people, eat carefully, deliberately choose humor when possible.

Realize New Hampshire is only an indicator too, change finally happened and California is part of Super Tuesday March 3rd, that’s less than a month away. Only then will we start to get some real answers as to who our nominee is, and if we do get a serious front-runner it will be time to commit and strategize, whoever it is, there is no other option.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times speculated yesterday with impeachment acquittal could have been the day we officially lost the Democracy. Playing that marker game I would put it at Election Night 2016, with a Trump win Democracy died, a slow death we’ve been watching for 3 years.

I refuse to believe that. The Democratic Party nominee for 2020 won’t have the charisma of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. [rolls eyes] So? He or she will still be a great American and fine candidate, Trump is a lying criminal, I’ll take that setup any day, oh yes.

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