Friday :: Feb 14, 2020

Hope would be brighter with a real journalism corps

by paradox

Why are Democrats so bad at national elections? a friend asked me a few years ago, a polite way of asking how anyone could have ever lost to the stupid, offensive dolts of George Bush and Donald Trump. My answer was twofold, Democrats are naturally career civil servants who run on policy, while Republicans run ruthless Machiavellian personal smear campaigns that Democrats are terrible at countering.

It would never be possible, of course, without a yapping, gossiping, corporately stupid journalism corps that enabled them the entire time. Election 2000 became the Al Gore is a Liar election, 2004 was Kerry the Pink Bandaid guy, and of course the ultimate nuclear election turd of all time, 2016 with Hillary Clinton and those emails.

For whatever reason all the frantic Republican attempts to personalize Obama never stuck, partly because of who Obama was and probably because the US journalism corps didn’t want to be a flagrant handmaiden to racism. Could be, it still doesn’t come close to excusing the terrible US political journalism failure of the 21st century.

Hope and morale among many in the Democratic Party are presently very low, the US federal government is a horrifying shambles of criminal semi-fascism, there seems no way to stop the degradation, while the answer to who our own 2020 nominee is far from clear and won’t be for months.

As Paul Krugman outlined today, part of the problem with a potential Bernie Sanders nomination is of course his definition of Democratic Socialism, well, what is it? Socialism itself can be a murky definition and varied implementation, the entire proposition is tailor made for confusion.

Of course Trump and the Republicans are going to viciously and totally exploit it, if Sanders gets to the nomination election 2020 will likely be Crazy Bernie trying to steal America and your money to give away to those freeloader liberals.

If that happens the response will rest with of course with Sanders himself and equally the willingness of the American journalism corps to amplify it.

After the putrid 2016 journalism performance many liberals and Democrats are sure it doesn’t matter at all if Sanders is a some-kind-of-Socialist, whatever, Trump and the Republicans would launch a hurricane of personal filth whoever we run and of course George Stephanopoulos would bound and breathlessly pant along, Cokie Roberts adding a sneer or two.

Many Democrats also see what is screamingly obvious, there is a huge swath of political indicators that deem election 2020 a total lock for a Democratic Presidential win, just try as best as possible to counter the inevitable journalism failure and hope all the disgusted, outraged voters are enough for a win.

As Paul Waldman of the Washington Post keeps pointing out, workups of personal candidate electability traits are absolutely useless without the context of the time and unique environment of each election. Jimmy Carter would lose almost any election of the 20th century, surely, but in 1976 he barely beat Gerald Ford.

Election 2020 could easily be placed in the context of 1976, any sane human being could beat Trump, the little people Democrats are motivated beyond belief to beat him, and with all the new voter registration the ridiculous conventional wisdom that this will be a close election could easily turn out to be absurd.

That very well could be, we can’t know until the election runs. Even then when we look at the answer it will have to be viewed in how the US journalism corps decided to perform in the election.

Well, US journalism corps, what’s it to be for 2020? Another putrid 2000 or 2016 when you were more than happy to smash our candidates as lying criminals?

Well we’ll all just have to wait on that answer until the Democrats get a nominee, won’t we? Until then I would beseech will the all the sincerity I can muster to Norah O’Donnell, the New York Times, MSNBC, all you, for the love Hamilton take a good long look around at what’s happened to the United States of America, we are succumbing to rank lying authoritarianism.

Then take a real good look at Russia and Vladimir Putin, we’ve become nothing but a satellite to him and that sorry empire. If Trump wins or somehow usurps election 2020 he’ll be more than happy to emulate Putin and start poisoning and publicly dumping the bodies of journalists to keep them in line.

Make election 2020 about email again and that’s your fate too, US journalists, yours and for all of us, oh yes, don’t doubt it for a second.

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