Sunday :: Feb 16, 2020

Want to lose to Trump? Be like Joe

by paradox

Reading Peter Athas at First Draft I was struck not only by the eerie political similarities of 1971 and 2019 but also crestfallen at the inevitable result, Nixon ratfucked Ed Muskie to torpedo his nomination, while Trump has done the same to Joe Biden.

Donald Trump tried to smear Joe Biden with Ukrainian corruption through the nepotism mistake with his son, who was given a super-plum board seat of a Ukrainian energy company. In all the raging inferno since Ivanka and Jared Kushner complacently sneer as they rake in tens of millions annually. How the hell does that happen?

Because Biden weakly didn’t effectively fight back. The only path was to appear with his son and publicly admit the mistake, which voters would have immediately understood and forgiven. Hello? Nepotism is a fact of life, please, it’s not that huge of a human transgression, and in that admission there should have been a devastating counter-attack on the presence of that slimy Ivanka and her smirking husband.

Washington save us, the Biden nepotism is of course materially driven, but in that disgusting squirrel’s Kushner case he committed numerous crimes falsifying security clearance forms to get there, while Trump make a mockery of national security when finally forcing Jared’s clearance. By not fighting back Biden left that amazing attack avenue simply wasted, whoops, oh well.

Ultimately it’s just a show of weakness, of Biden not defending his son and family while just sitting there as the shameless king of nepotism makes a laughing mockery of all of it. Naturally it’s left Biden fearful and demoralized, how could it not? Voters are supposed to trust this behavior in a President? Adios, Joe, it was a decent idea, anyway.

[opens hands] Yes it’s a filthy lying thing no politician should ever have to politically counter, but realism forces an acceptance of the world as it is, doesn’t it? The truth and reality is that Trump is a lying bully with filthy tactics, if you can’t fight back in that environment you’ll be seen as weak and lose.

Perhaps in an advanced, educated society not constantly barraged with lying and propaganda, yoked with tribalism and constantly whiplashed with economic fear this would not be so. Again, that’s not the United States of America as we know it, right?

I am truly sorry with all my being to pass on such bad sad news this Sunday morning, but it’s simply a fact that needs to be driven home for the rest of our candidates if we’ve got any chance to get out of this incredible mess. It feels like I’m letting my people and Party down by not being optimistic, but this morning this vital topic leaves no option.

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo recently examined how so many of our brightest people have recoiled in horror from all this and detached as much as possible to keep any modicum of sanity in their lives. It’s completely understandable, it’s just another inevitable result of this Trump catastrophe, but still there is high hope our heartsick horrified people will still vote.

Speaking of lessons learned, I hope it’s crystal clear to the alleged leadership of the Democratic Party that this chaotic nuclear flaming mess of a primary system has to be junked forever after this disaster, I could give a flying fuck that the excuses or history or hurdles are, fix this, we cannot do this to our people again!

Somewhere in the nebulous rooms of mysterious Democratic Party powers that be it was decided in 2017 that this incredible primary system be kept and tweaked, perhaps in another time it would be understandable but with everything on the line with Trump smashing the country apart it can now be only seen as a tragic massive mistake. Four regional timely primaries with even the very idea of a caucus flushed down the shithole of terrible ideas forever, god, do it or stop pretending at life and politics.

No more wars! No more wars! The Sanders supporters heckled at the 2016 Democratic convention, for the berserk militarism and insane military spending of the United States has always been a force to counter among those good little people liberals.

I’ve noticed, however, that none of this appears anywhere in the current Sanders commercials. Why is that?

Because Sanders is afraid Trump and the Republicans will ruthlessly rip him as a liberal pussy who doesn’t know weapons, fighting or security. It’s basically cowed the entire Democratic Party, it’s such a devastating political attack.

Okay, Mr. Sanders, you can ignore it now but if you get the nomination Trump never, ever will and you better be ready to fight back in a way that truly works, it’s not hard, be ready or you’ll end up like Joe Biden.

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