Sunday :: Mar 1, 2020

Letter From California

by paradox

03/01/20 0553.41 PST
San Jose, California

There has been so much swirling maelstrom around the Democratic primary and the possible horror of President Trump winning this Fall I sometimes yearn so much for some blessed climate simplicity, whatever one’s views or myriad of issues the election really can be distilled to one simple fact: the Democrats will do everything they can to slow climate change in 2021, while if Trump wins the Republicans will do everything they can to wreck our atmosphere and future.

It didn’t rain one drop in NorCal for the month of February, which has never happened in my memory, and according the to the records hasn’t happened since the late 19th century. Temperatures are a balmy April level with confused poppies and fruit trees blooming March 1st, worried citizens assuring themselves there’s enough saved water for this year if the rains have simply stopped.

The industrial revolution has been a biological catastrophe. It was simply blithely assumed humans could pump noxious exhaust gasses indefinitely into the only atmosphere we have and it was still all good. Absolute total horseshit, if we can’t immediately breathe it we can’t walk away from it and ignore it.

Maybe the cold will come back and stall the fruit and nut bloom 65% of the way in. Then a hot April burns off what’s left, there goes the California fruit and nut 2020 harvest, whoops.

There isn’t crop insurance for climate change, only rain. Just one whipe-out harvest will banish half our growers, they aren’t set up to lose cash flow like that. If it happens twice in a row Californians will truly start looking and thinking about famine, yes, Jesus Christ yes, Yemen will have come to us, humans here aren’t immune to losing two growing cycles and still being hungry.

Climate change isn’t some god damn plan with a 2050 goal, we have to move and act now, right now, we’re losing our atmospheric gas balance, Jesus humans breathe gasses, all the exhaust pollution has to stop.

My dream F-150 supercrew Ford needs 30k maintenance, I keep putting it off, god it needs to be junked, it’s just a gas-guzzling global-warming machine. I’ve frantically written and tweeted to Ford Motor many times I desperately want to replace it with an electric truck, what the holy hell is the delay in offering one?

I suppose it would still remain a fantasy if they did, it would cost fifty grand, likely. A small truck at 20k would suit me just fine, I might as well think about a trip to Mars.

To put it out there, one of the reasons I write is to hopefully negate some of the stereotypes of liberal men. I drive a F-150, homegranate, I gym with wartime military experience in my pocket, I look and act nothing like a long-haired patchouli hippie, heh, no.

I really, really don’t want to spend the tiny amount of time left to me knowing we wrecked the very foundation of California biology, we have lost so much already. So many times I have desperately wished to see NorCal as it was only a hundred years ago—salmon and steelhead swarmed every river, stream and creek, Monterey Bay a fairlyland of oceanic diversity with a legendary global reputation.

Abundant wetlands supported a stunning array of waterfowl with massive migrations, game thrived at every level with the massive predators at the top, lion and the amazing grizzly just as legendary as Monterey Bay. Redwoods that rivaled anything Lebanon ever had were another fairlyland of graceful massive awe, all of it gone.

Why can’t we see we just can’t plunder and pollute our Earth indefinitely? The shareholders of PG & E, don’t they have to breathe and eat?

For the holy sake of any sanity left in all of us, take a real good look around, climate change is wrecking the place in real time right now, it freaking hasn’t rained in 40 days! If we don’t even try to fix it an unholy nightmare of incredible horror is upon us, all of us, right in our lifetimes!

Maybe if the Navy didn’t need 11 aircraft carriers—latest model a cool $12.5 billion—we could subsidize an electric truck market and Ford could employ millions of our people again. But we get this Global Force for Good fantasy instead. Yeah.

[opens hands helplessly] It’s like the father Gus in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, right, when he says how it’s a mistake to educate women. We can arrest climate change, we don’t have to choose this godawful nightmare awaiting us, but, nobody listens to me.

I trudge along in my often-bleary little life, trying to be in the present and do my duty. That’s another thing, liberal men work hard and love their country, I’ve filed my 2019 taxes, use my turn signal, do small good things, take really good care of my little house and rose gardens while being respectful to cops, god, being a good American is super important to me.

Well, it’s time to water my amazing California poppies, check out the 70 rose canes in front and then feed the birds, squadrons of doves show up every day and I never let them down. I don’t understand how we can’t see the wonder and beauty of California just for this, vote for Democrats this Fall, all of them, everywhere, the great electric conversion duty is upon us, now, right now.

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