Wednesday :: Mar 4, 2020

Biden Needs to Seize the Opportunity

by Deacon Blues

My advice for Joe Biden this morning:

1. Get Mike Bloomberg’s media and rapid response team absorbed into your own, and let the Bloomberg team handle your social and traditional media campaign;

2. Find a legal way to get Bloomberg’s campaign offices and staff absorbed into your own campaign as soon as possible, especially in the remaining primary states to corral as many delegates in the remaining contests as possible;

3. Find a way to welcome Elizabeth Warren aboard, which is apparently underway now; and

4. Start talking internally about what it might take, and how to accommodate a unity ticket of asking Sanders to be your VP.

Yes, there would be great gnashing of teeth at both ends of the telephone at the thought of Bernie and his supporters subsuming their zeal and ambition for revolution inside a Biden effort, but the Democrats need the passion and energy of the Bernie movement from the inside rather than from a disaffected outside in the general election. Even if his army of young voters can't seem to make their way from the rallies to the voting booth this year.

And there would have to be agreement on the areas where Sanders as a VP would have a good deal of influence in policy and the outreach efforts, such as health care, education, voting rights, and social and economic justice. But it can be done, and Biden will have his hands full dealing with repairing the damage overseas and on the international stage. The bigger challenge may be in getting Biden supporters to accept Sanders as a running mate, and vice versa.

But making the offer itself is important: if Bernie accepts, great, onward to victory in November. If he rejects it, especially after Warren comes aboard, then Biden has found a legitimate way to build a coalition apart from an insurgency that can be isolated as not being committed to the party at all, and is in reality just another cult that needs to have a bright light shined upon it.

The truth is that Bernie may have always had a ceiling to his support to begin with. He had the luxury in 2016 of running against an unpopular opponent in only a two-person race during the primary season. Now in 2020, he's running almost unopposed in his lane against popular alternatives, and will soon find himself in a 1:1 race against a popular opponent who has skillfully coalesced a coalition around him that blocks out Sanders' path to a broad swath of support. If you don't believe me, add up the totals for Sanders in his best state, California, and compare them to those for the new Biden Coalition.

Does getting less than 50% of the Democratic Party's support in a 2-person race entitle you to be their nominee?

And if Sanders rejects the notion, there are other, and perhaps better ideas politically for a running mate that Biden can pursue, and he should do so this month.

Naming a potential cabinet would also go a long way to sealing in a broad coalition early in the campaign to show people of color, the suburbs, and women particularly what a broad coalition can look like in running a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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