Tuesday :: Mar 17, 2020

Santa Clara County: Shut it Down

by paradox

“Is this bad boy yours?” The bike shop owner asked me on Sunday as he wheeled out my Pee-Wee bike, leading to a newish feeling of pride for me, for material possession has never been much my thing. But I do admit to being absurdly happy with my Pee-Wee bike, after years of zooming around on my carbon frame I was like dude, are you ever going to the Tour de France?

The hell with it, so I got a steel frame sorta-commute posture mountain bike with front suspension, put on baskets, installed puncture-resistant tubes, got blazing dual headlights and a serious back red flasher, cleats and a bell. It weighs a ton but I’m still good with it, I was always a heavy power rider at 215 pounds anyway, and I don’t wear a helmet either, god do I have a blast on that bike, good music and a salt-encrusted A’s hat, it’s the only way to ride.

But man it was seriously ridden down with bald tires and a broken back spoke, it had to go in, and it’s gone for 21 days now, Santa Clara county CA was shut down yesterday over corona-virus containment. The shop’s closed and there’s no way to get it back, I am beyond bummed, the Pee-Wee bike is a blast but was also always meant as a backup volunteer grocery delivery vehicle during earthquake recovery.

Now we’re in a crisis, all right, lots of folks will need food delivery, but my bad boy bike is gone, sheesh. There was a lot of panic buying in the last ten days but I have many deep elements of supply at my little house, I took Michael Finney of 7 On Your Side seriously for earthquake preparedness, oh yes, he’s a fine man for the little people and I always listen.

Sorry to be so quiet last 30 days in these times of great civic duty but I started a small-job, it can be very difficult and confusing with a fairly dangerous environment that requires total alertness. I got hurt on day 5 when I rolled an ankle, fortunately I had 2 days to recover and worked with a blue ankle the next week. My boss is a good man I respect, I don’t want to make a mistake writing about him, and I don’t want it messing with my head wondering if I made a mistake writing about any of it.

Well it’s been shut down now, I go in this morning in a precise window for my check today and maybe I’ll get a call back, who knows what the environment be like in 21 days when they lift the shut-down. File an unemployment claim and look at 3 weeks without my Pee-Wee bike and no gym, they shut down 24Hour Fitness too, oh my freaking god what terrible, terrible times. Silicon Valley women at the gym are an enchanting kaleidoscope of mental health sustainment I’m so going to miss.

I’ve always written from a moral and societal stance for the little people, yes, but I suppose it’s relevant to note I live and work among them every day, I very much know the challenges of what it takes to make it in this mean, heartless country, it’s not an abstract concept for me.

We’re supposed to stay inside for the next 21 days and only go out for exercise and necessary errands. The Valley is a frenetic, hyper-charged environment of speed and work, we’ll see how this goes. I see a lot of improvement in my baking skills.

I worry for my boss and bike shop owner and all their people, how our small business folks are supposed to make it through this I do not know. My boss had to write off thousands of dollars of fresh inventory yesterday, comes in every Monday, oh well.

The President is an orange lying idiot who only confuses people and instills a deep fear. We truly may have to back up the morgue with refrigerated shipping containers in 30 days, it’s a deeply bad thing to have the President a babbling moron who can’t and won’t help us.

In dark confusing times like this I always remember the wisdom of Amanda Marcotte of Salon: the coming heights of achievement are hard to see in the trudge of the valley. History always shows us to keep on with the truth of who you are yields real change, it will, do not give up on your truth.

I always remember Heather Patron of Hullabaloo, too, who ultimately, if asked, would likely distill civic duty to one short sentence: there is no alternative. No alternative to your Party, to your local and national environment, to your morality as a modern American or whatever lying filth the President hurls at us, the only path is engagement, donation and voting. Americans never dis-engage from their country or duty, never, all other paths lead ever to furtive, harmful darkness.

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