Sunday :: Mar 29, 2020

Letter From California

by paradox

02/29/20 0654.52 PST
San Jose, California

I always dreaded that something truly terrible would happen in the Trump presidency, but I never imagined the massive scope of shock and damage Covid-19 would bring upon the country so quickly, it was never on anyone’s radar that a threat existed that could shut down approximately half the American economy.

Even as China was getting hammered it never occurred to anyone that should Covid-19 arrive here it would mean shutting down non-essential business and sequestering everyone else at home. After enough deaths and infections finally crashed home the reality of such drastic action oh my god the world has really gone on tilt.

2 trillion dollars (!) for a relief bill, are you effing kidding me! Well my my my, didn’t our Republican cousins turn into rampant socialists, if spending and the deficit meant everything under Democratic President Obama well, that was then!

Just what in the freaking holy hell do you believe in anymore, my dear Republican cousins? God the only thing left is a desperate grab of corporate looting authoritarian power, you don’t give a damn about the country, the Democracy, our Earth or even your racist greedy misogynist selves.

How’s that trade-off y’all made for that orange lying crook responsible for ever more American deaths every day working out, our dear Republican cousins? For your tax cuts, quack judges, Silicon Valley monopoly, crushed environmental regulation, do the stacked coffins in the overflowing morgues make it all worth it now? [spits]

There’s a line of thinking that in the sickening tax cuts and $500 billion looting for business in the latest relief we got all this help for good liberal things, at least we can be grateful for that. Ah, that must be that malarkey all the kids are talking about these days, the very last thing we ever should have done is give a lying crook President like Trump access to $500 billion, of course he’ll twist and extort with it.

I’ll get a one-time relief check of $2,900 next month, a little more than a month’s wages for me. [I know] There’s allegedly a good Federal payout of $600 a week coming for my unemployment claim, but there’s two problems there.

First is that I have no idea when the state of California can respond, of course they’ve been absolutely smashed will millions of claims in just 2 weeks, I was supposed to get claim confirmation last Thursday but it never arrived. We haven’t got mail for the last 2 days, even if the claim processing was sent.

The Post Office is having a terrible time finding workers, why are they out there on the front line for hardly any money and the lousy monotony of a small job? I’m quite sure Trump and his lying Republican trade-off Republicans will get their billions and tax cuts, funny how it all works out that way, but it could take months for that unemployment money to show up.

I’ve filed my 2019 taxes and I’ve got deep household backup, I’m not afraid, but holy Jesus millions in California do not, shut down this state for 60 days with no checks for May rent and we’ve got mayhem on our hands, we cannot starve and evict millions of Americans when their environment has simply crashed all around them, we cannot.

Well we need answers and solutions, Governor Newsome is doing everything he honestly can, all we get from the Feds is that orange lying felon inflicting horrible confusion and ruthless stupidity on the country every day in those sickening “press conferences.” Jennifer Rubin, Margarate Sullivan, Heather Parton, Dan Froomkin, all great American minds I seriously respect railing against the horrifying insanity of it all, god, but it never stops, Trump is oblivious, the US journalism corps a hapless digrace.

In all this horror is the chilling knowledge this conflagration could wipe out the 2020 election, Trump is a cheater enabled by the Republicans and that quack Supreme Court, we all know they’d try it in an instant of they could somehow rationalize it. Or make a trade-off, it’s the Republican way, a new Putin is here in a smashed American democracy, shut up, gimme those tax cuts!

In a big break for me my bike shop opened on a very limited basis, I got my Pee-Wee bike back last Friday and went riding yesterday, it was a sore blow to lose the gym and the road, so that helped. I spent a lot of money to fix it, it had been ridden down hard, but just like I knew he would the family owner took is time to make sure everything was perfect, he meticulously cleaned and polished, my bad-boy Pee-Wee bike a carefully refurbished blue bomber of a ride.

“Please ride by and ring your bell, Joseph, just like always!” his daughter said so earnestly, at least we could have that in these terrible times. That family and their small business is our country, this is the United States of America, if we have to shut them down and millions more then they have to come first, not the tax cuts, not the bailouts, not the aircraft carriers, not the criminal extortion, them, our little people. Maybe when we smash and starve them into oblivion and lose any sense of the country we’ll finally learn that was the only way all of the time.

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