Thursday :: Apr 2, 2020

Bad Day to be a Goldfish

by paradox

I felt bad after reflecting on my last work, for of course it wasn’t fair or right to paint the entire American journalism corps as a sick disgrace for ceaselessly launching President Trump’s lying filth and confusion in his daily Covid-19 “press conferences.”

The correct distinction here should have been the beltway media, a notoriously incompetent, credulous, gossiping pack of disgusting fools on the DC political beat groveling to power and access. They have a sick, enraging corporate and naturally Republican bend and slant to their vicious stupidity, thus we get Al Gore the Liar, John Kerry’s pink Band-Aids and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In these grossly unprofessional evolutions evolved the infliction of Donald Trump upon us but most of the beltway media idiots plod along as if America was meant to be this way, constantly regurgitating the fascist filth of Trump in a terrible display of human de-evolution.

The United States recently had to endure of our worst days ever. The President of the United States of America constantly lied about the crushing threat ripping us every day for months as a hoax, and as the corpses kept stacking up finally said well, if we lose maybe 100,000, 250,000 Americans, why I still did a good job. Right?

In this hellish depth of depravity and cruelty, this abhorrently flippant dismissal to the lives of our people, this appalling pivot of dishonesty, what did our beltway media journalists have for a response?

Ah, President Trump, this lying felon who paid off porn stars, is plainly in the pocket of Putin, ripped off veterans with his fake charity, got impeached for trying to cheat Election 2020 and lied for months about this current cataclysm, why, he was “sober,” he was “grave,” he approached the wrenching deaths of our people with his filthy lying in appropriately Presidential tones.

Twitter, of course, instantly erupted into scathing rage, the usual independent bloggers and writers righteously piling on. But for the first time I can remember the disgust and fury actually spilled into the opinion files of the Washington Post, Alexandra Petri brutally spearing the sickening beltway media idiots as ridiculous, mindless goldfish.

I’ve always equated the beltway media clowns to stupid, mindless sheep, but goldfish are appropriately perfect too. Thank you, Ms Petri, and your editors, for defending the sanity and integrity of the American mind and your profession.

As for our groveling, sniveling, stupid kiss-ass beltway media idiots for the love of God and country if you can’t do your basic jobs (which you constantly fail at) then shut up! Just shut up! You’re a terrible, constant indictment to American failure, even your own peers and publications can’t stand you!

As a political junkie and beleaguered media consumer I’m very much used to all this, so it was quaintly, faintly amusing to see Contagion writer Scott Burns (via Hullabaloo) in the Washington Post be horrified that the President of the United States, leader of the free world, bestowed with awesome prestige and power, respond to the Covid-19 crisis with such constant lying and dishonesty.

[sigh] Yes, Mr. Burns, President Trump is a lying felon sociopath, even the deaths of hundreds of thousands from his own stupidity sways him not one bit, he could give a damn, wait long enough and he’ll lie about his previous lies.

He got in the Oval Office because those horrifying beltway media eff-ups enabled him the whole time, Mr. Burns, just as they did in that horror show of a day when Trump “pivoted” to horrible, cruel deaths for so many of us. If they keep enabling him we may never get out of this.

By the way, I doubt I would have read you at the New York Times, Mr. Burns, they gleefully enabled Trump by spearing Hillary Clinton and still do it by washing out his lies. Something has gone terribly, profoundly wrong at that shop, sir, we’re as bewildered as you are out here.

For the fine local Bay Area journalists at KGO and KPIX, thank you. For the real journalists and organizations doing everything they can to bring us just the plain truth, thank you, we need you and we’re depending on you. I shouldn’t have grouped you so flippantly with those beltway media eff-ups, I will take care not to do it again in the future.

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