Tuesday :: Apr 7, 2020

Oh I’d Resign and Run Now, Florida Governor DeSantis

by paradox

Amazing how life comes at you so very fast, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, doesn’t it now? For as long as the sun rose over the orange groves unemployment benefits were a State of Florida con job, a flippant gesture of transparent irritation at those workers who lost a job and now want some money for nothing.

As long as the disdainful Republican Party and economy propped you up by having an acceptably small number of Floridians unemployed this worked, but all of sudden a pandemic hit and your service economy got shut down. Overnight unemployment isn’t a small population segment to manage, it’s a mountainous cliff of huge crashing numbers you will need every fragment of your best people and energy to desperately contain.

Boom. Just as that tectonic smasher settles in a roaring tsunami arrives, for all of a sudden with the Federal stimulus of $600 a week for unemployment benefits this means the benefits actually, really mean something for the American worker.

Unemployment insurance in America was never seen as actual replacement for lost wages, heh, just a hasty stitch job to help a worker hopefully limp through a period of unemployment until a new job arrived. Here in total-blue super-hippie California the highest possible weekly benefit amount is $400.

But $600 a week is $1,200 a check, which is $2,400 a month, which is serious survival money that really truly does the job, oh my god the Federal government cared and came through for the unemployed!

Of course the Feds have nothing administratively to do with actually delivering that unemployment money, it’s handled by each individual State. My my here’s how hurricane-fast life is going to rip you to shreds, Mr. DeSantis, damn you in some trouble, boy.

I lost my job March 16th, Governor DeSantis, and applied for unemployment insurance on the Sacramento website next morning, which performed flawlessly. It said if I qualified I’d get my first benefit form March 27th.

Governor Newsom had put on an urgent all-hands call in the Capital for any qualified and willing California administrative worker to help the unemployment office. My benefit form showed up a week late, April 4th. Because the 1-week waiting period had been waived it effectively meant that—at least for me—the California unemployment office performed precisely as it would have in normal times.

You sir, Governor DeSantis, are about to deliver something so very different for your little people. Your predecessor, Governor Rick Scott, not only hated and loathed the idea of Florida unemployment insurance so much he didn’t just deliberately bust the system, he looted it, too, to the tune of $77 million dollars to make sure it wouldn’t work. Man that’s some serious looting.

Little people Floridians have been actually instructed to ignore the useless website and send in paper forms. Out of that crushing mountain of paper what percentage of the millions of unemployed there will get all the federal benefits they deserve in four weeks out of the skimpy Florida government? Maybe 20%

What that means, Governor DeSantis, is that here in California on April 30th it’s 99% likely I’ll have collected $2,400 in Federal unemployment benefits, in California once I’m qualified and the form approved it’s just a quick 5-10 day check spit-out. What will your State of Florida unemployment office deliver to millions of your unemployed little people?

Nothing. Not a damn thing, yes 20% got processed, but that means millions more looking at May rent got nothing, while at the same time they have the precise knowledge a little person like me in California has collected $2,400.

Then June rent is due—so many other bills just set aside in god-awful fear and anxiety—and still the skimpy Florida unemployment office still can only deliver to 50%.

Tens of thousands of broke, hungry, desperate Floridian males in their 20’s, anger and rage boiling daily in a hot American summer at a Republican Party government that didn’t give a damn for so long now it just can’t, knowing full well guys like me in California have collected $4,800 from the Feds.

Me, I’d resign today and run, run like hell, Mr. DeSantis, Florida is a really big state and there must be seriously good places to hide. You’d be like one of those Japanese island soldiers who hid after WWII, right, emerging from hiding years later to a transformed world.

Yeah. Or you could actually be honest with your little people, you didn’t make this horror show, god anyone with any administrative experience get to the unemployment office to help out 12 hours a day.

For someone who helped this conflagration by keeping the spring break beaches open I really don’t see that capability in you, sir, sorry. I’d resign, run and hide.

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