Friday :: Apr 10, 2020

Cataclysmic Crisis Always a Great Political Opportunity

by paradox

There are two types of politicians who always see great crisis as a wondrous window of opportunity, those who exploit it to expand authoritarian power and others to drive necessary change.

President Trump is of course a nauseating proto-fascist, he and his regressive goons instantly took the covid-19 cataclysm as a chance to roll back habeas corpus and pay off industry cronies by yanking back environmental regulations.

The second type is what can be described as the catalyst politician, a paradigm realignment wish he or she has been waited patiently for that arrives with the dire needs of fixing the new crisis. The most famous catalyst was of course Pearl Harbor, overnight a strongly isolationist country sitting out the war of all time became fiercely armed and militaristic.

Obviously a Democratic Republic committed to the needs of little people sees the extreme dangers here, there will always be stupid authoritarians like Bill Barr to horribly exploit a crisis. Many States like California have explicit rules for emergency crisis sessions, policy change is forbidden, only critical infrastructure needs of the moment may be addressed.

In these times of creeping quarantine where government is suddenly an amazing good thing of investment and leadership, all necessary assets rushed to solve problems only government can solve, why, it’s a fair question from the little people what exactly government assets and investments are of use to get us out of this screaming mess.

The Nimitz and George Washington class aircraft carriers, are they of any use? The cruisers, destroyers, submarines, amphibious carriers and assault ships, can they stop the assault of a deadly virus?

What of the mountainous investment in aircraft? The F-16, the F-18, the F-15, the F-22, the F-35, can they fight pneumonia? The amazing airlift fleet, the C-5 and the C-17, can they be converted for hospital beds? Can all the Apache helicopters deliver health insurance?

The tanks and personnel carriers in the armored divisions, can they sanitize anything? The artillery, rifles, grenades, knives, do they put food on the table for all our newly hungry people?

The trillions of dollars invested over the decades for our nuclear triad of weapons, can we nuke a pathogen?

What a stupendous, terrible waste. If wishes were fishes we’d all cast nets, Frank Herbert wrote long ago, realistic hopes and expectations are necessary for adulthood, yes, but no matter how futile and useless the effort I will still state the obvious fact the United States is a hopelessly militaristic society, President Biden and the new Democratic Party congressional majority of 2021 must start a serious decline in military spending.

Perhaps I will become a multi-millionaire with eternal life and a harem of nubile females to serve me peeled grapes, such is the realism of both fantasies, I know.

The military is the only part of the government the racist, misogynist, armed Republican base truly believes in and reveres. The Democratic Party has become hopelessly lost in a ridiculous security fantasy, military spending means safety and security, what could possibly be wrong with that?

What laughably transparent hooey. Military spending isn’t an investment in security, it’s an investment in violence. Invest in violence long enough and violence by God you will get, what have the two lying Gulf wars and Afghanistan given us the last 30 years?

We could have made the United States an Eden with that money, and none the blood spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan delivered a living wage, health care, housing, or the solar conversion. We’re in a total covid-19 crisis and all the trillions invested in violence are of course useless.

Still, making the Democratic Party see this as even a strong priority to fix is a super long shot, they’re far too afraid as being cast as weak losers if they can’t be manly military spenders. Even Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders wouldn’t touch our insane military spending issue in their 2019 campaigns.

Well, that was before covid-19 and 2 trillion dollars in spending formulated in just 3 weeks! With so much new necessary social spending and so many new urgent problems to solve, do we really think we can waste hundreds of billions on invested violence in 2021? Really?

We can have a perfectly viable military budget of $350 billion by 2024, the Mexicans and Canadians won’t see it as a chance to invade. We could use the saved $250 billion for our little people and the country, we must change out of our useless militarism.

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