Saturday :: Apr 11, 2020

Trump Resignation is the 1st Step to National Recovery

by paradox

Systems theory can be an interesting lens to view an ongoing smashing political crisis, the US is a huge country of many interconnected parts and sub-systems, introduce a vicious pathogen that rips the heath care system and employment and very soon the failure will cascade out to other connected components.

Because covid-19 shut down employment many States are simply totally incapable of quickly handling big unemployment relief. There’s supposed to be federal relief but it can’t be delivered, what do you do?

Covid-19 has spread to the Navy, it could easily disable many ships, no matter how much the Navy refuses to admit it. How do you maintain Navy personnel morale and combat readiness with crippled ships?

Tens of thousands of small farmers set up their livelihood delivering to the restaurant business, but all the restaurants are closed. What do we do about them?

Shelter in place confines many sick relationships with new terrible stresses like unemployment. What this means is that our trapped women in sick relationships are being abused, maimed and murdered at even more horrifying rates than before, god the issue can curdle the soul, are we just going to do nothing?

It was noted many times in the years before this conflagration that had President Trump been in any other human organization—business, military, religious, non-profit—of course the serious powers that be underneath him would have congealed to get rid of him. Look, you got to this place but something has obviously, completely gone mentally wrong, you can’t do this job.

Yes we’ll lose face and some of us may lose our jobs too, the alternative is complete disintegration of the whole, you have to go. Now. Every mature human understands what’s happened, we know it’s bad but no one will mock or torment you, life in a robe and that gold toilet can’t be that bad.

It’s a very strange thing but at times I feel real true pity for President Trump. It happened again at that incredible response of his to the Wall Street Journal criticism of his sick pathetic “press conferences.”

That whiny, petulant lying WSJ response isn’t pathetic, it’s horribly sick and ill. Please, President Trump, whatever negatives you perceive to resigning they cannot possibly be worse than this. It’s only the beginning, sir, did you see the food bank lines that stretched for miles in San Jose last week?

As we look upon the many components of American society descending into disaster of course we desperately begin to seek solutions to get out of it. From the dimmest glimmers of answers we now can get it looks like a horrifying buffet of desperately bad variants of pick your poison.

There are various strategies that could happen, but as Ezra Klein said they all appear to be logistically impossible—yes they can develop, but it could take a year to credibly set one up. We could try to re-open the economy, but it would mean constant flare-ups and hotspots of conflagration. Aside from all terrible issues there, can our people handle all the constant fear of that?

Ultimately a vaccine appears to be the only real long-term solution. That’s at least 12 months away, we’re trapped in a terrible spot.

Again, I would ask our Republican cousins of such patriotism and pious self-righteousness: how’s that trade-off working out? For enabling this lying, disgusting criminal President as the country is smashed to hell from his gross incompetence? You wanted something—deregulation, abortion judges, search monopoly, exploitive wages, owning the libs—now that you got it, was it worth it?

Naturally most would consider a call for Trump to resign to be the most absurd sophistry, Trump is far too much of a sick psychopath to quit. That may be, but it’s also only the very first step to get out of this mess, Trump cannot handle the re-opening of the economy evolution, he cannot do it.

The alternative is a sputtering response of total failure that causes more problems while somehow ignoring all the other cascading issues. What a wondrous buffet of poisonous choices we have before us, yes. I’d take a Pence placeholder Presidency for seven months before President Biden is sworn in.

If you’d asked me 8 weeks ago to trade off Trump’s resignation for crime immunity I’d’ve said no freaking way, this felon is in chains January 5th, 2021. But in this screaming covid-19 horror show I’d take even that, hell yes, for a Trump resignation April 20th in an immunity deal I’d even accept no penalty for his vast terrible crimes.

Thanks for this incredible Trump trap of hell, Republican Party. Go ahead, offer Trump an immunity deal for an April 20th resignation, it would the first of tiniest steps in getting out of this.

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