Sunday :: Apr 12, 2020

President Trump Can’t Re-Open the Economy

by paradox

Our political and media environment has become so skewed to the surreal and new of the covid-19 catastrophe that even the most fantasy-based statements of our lying, criminal President Trump are taken seriously.

The latest psychedelic meander from our porn star payoff master was the statement that re-opening the American economy was his biggest decision, the media duly passing on the doddering nonsense as if it actually meant something. Okay.

That felon combover idiot didn’t put shelter-in-place orders in the first place, how is it his authority to end it? Here in California local officials placed the Bay Area order, then LA did it, then the Governor put it out for the entire state.

On what empirical scientific basis would the alleged authority of the President rest upon? Oh my god, none, the mob boss extortionist actually pointed to his temple and expected the little people to trust his felon intuition.

Currently there are three nebulous strategies floating around involving testing and quarantine, none of which are remotely logistically ready, and if even they were would take months to implement. The idea a Trump administration could administratively handle this is laughable, Trump can’t even appoint a Secretary of the Navy.

After any scientific approach is realistically abandoned the only option Trump has is say May 1st is the day, get back out there. We have no idea how many could be infected and die in the next 18 months, could be 40,000 Americans dead, could be 400,000, trust us, somehow we’ll get through it.

Even if Trump possessed the incredible stupidity and cruelty necessary for such an action he has zero constitutional authority to do so, Governor Newsom isn’t in his chain of command, no. Governor Newsom would likely refuse the order, Trump is hated in California to a degree the beltway media can’t understand.

That would lead to an even more chaotic federal clown show than we have now. As David Frum of the Atlantic wrote Trump is completely, totally trapped. There are zero acceptable options, the unknowns are vast with howling chasms of fear, a lying idiot psychopath President simply cannot do this job.

What’s Trump going to do now, realize in the next week he can’t—just on a plain humanistic level—order to re-open the economy, not May 1st, not June 1st, no way, it would kill too many Americans after he called it a hoax for months.

But he said he would reach a decision. Many Governors, not just Governor Newsom, will tell him to go to hell if there’s no scientific strategy behind it.

Well, President Bone Spurs, now what? Shut down the Post Office!

This is why I wrote yesterday the only viable present option to improve this howling nightmare is for Trump to resign. As President Obama recently coached other public officials, the very worst thing one could do is to mis-inform or lie. Our little people have to trust and believe in public leadership to get us out of this.

Trump is trapped and only knows how to lie on Twitter while watching television. Every day he does it kills yet more Americans with not only no solutions in sight, Trump actually making it worse, which kills more Americans.

Since Trump is a psychopath he doesn’t care, but yes, the sane empathetic American adults here care, very much. Trump will not resign, he cannot in many dimensions make the order to re-open the economy, so May 1st will arrive and he’ll just pivot to a new position, he never said it was his decision, the State governors have to do it!

It’s been said many times that the covid-19 crisis traps Trump in a rhetorical political sense, none of his filthy lying manipulations work in this particular environment. But now Trump has trapped himself in an empirical, date-driven way, too, he’s got until May 1st to figure out how to get out of it.

Most would say a pivot to making Governors make the decision is laughable, it could never happen. I certainly agree in one sense, yes, but nothing this felon President would try would surprise me anymore.

It’s your biggest decision, President Mob Boss, yes, but the issue isn’t how you’ll somehow wiggle out of it with more lies, it’s how many more American lives will be lost and crushed while you try to figure it out, day after day, month after month, a lying Twitter thrashing of nothing but death.

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