Wednesday :: Apr 15, 2020

Oh I Like Joe, Everybody Likes Joe

by paradox

I got a mail after my last piece and a general reminder to all from Mathew Yglesias on Twitter that to effect change means to enthusiastically support your Party candidate when the election arrives.

I never did hear back from the Biden campaign about being a staff writer after ripping Joe’s Ukraine political tactics and mocking Mr. Biden’s writing skills. Shocking, isn’t it?

Unity, peace, cohesiveness, sister and brotherhood, such is the path to Party victory, I know, no one has to remind this ardent realist on the supreme necessity of winning. Besides the urgent need to win in 2020 for the Democracy to survive the actions to support our man will be personally easy, I like Joe.

Everybody likes Joe, he’s a fine American with a very good background of qualified service. He’s earned a high degree of trust from the black community in our Party, that goes a really long way in my book.

He’s honest, he’s in a committed sustaining relationship, he’s got good humility and a demonstrated ability to learn. He knows the Constitution and would never abuse or disregard any element for political tactics.

As stated before, the announcement Vice President Biden would select a woman running mate was really good, smart politics.

He’s fit and hasn’t given up on his body, another huge plus. Not only will this help his physical stamina in the demands of the Presidency, it gives him a mental edge only the fit understand and insist on maintaining when achieved. If this seems trivial or not relevant, well, get and stay in shape for a full decade like Joe and I have and then get back to us.

Cohesively leading the Democratic coalition has been described as herding cats, but Vice President Biden has the human and political skills to effectively pass good liberal legislation.

As I understand it Vice President Biden has undergone some seriously crushing life evolutions, things just worked out that way. He didn’t quit or lose his faith and optimism, that goes a hell of a long way in my book too.

There is a line in my loyalty streak, however, and if Mr. Biden crosses it by God and baby Jesus is he going to hear about it from me. That tripwire is a surrender and vacillation to Trump bullying, if he can’t effectively fight back and counter it on a political and human level I don’t give a flying fuck about unity for victory, I’ve totally had it watching what Alex Pareene calls the “learned helplessness” of the Democratic Party.

What could that be? Why, when the President attacks your son for a nepotism job in the happy presence of the grossly nauseating Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Besides the absurdly simple opportunity missed here for a huge easy political win there’s something in the human psyche for those watching that finds this seriously repulsing, this inability to stop getting pushed around by a noxious idiot, the weakness of it simply turns a huge amount of voters contemptuous.

How I wish it wasn’t so, it shouldn’t be possible in an advanced Democracy like the United States for these proto-fascist tactics to work. Then we all watched the 2016 Republican primary while some of us got a vivid flashback to 1988 and Michael Dukakis. Remember him?

I can legitimately hear Alex Pareene saying dude, I just showed you Biden learned helplessness in the covid-19 crisis, why aren’t you ripping Joe for that?

Because timing is everything, right in this moment when the country is so hurting and vulnerable attacking the Presidency feels too much like attacking the country. Right now for Mr. Biden prudence and caution is the wise, necessary political stance.

Another thing and another story, but greatly condensed Trump won the Presidency in a trifecta of great failure, failure in the Republican Party, journalism corps and yes, the Democratic Party.

That was then, 2016, in no way shape or fashion will the journalism corps or Democratic Party fail like that in 2020, I see it every day. Trump is a moron lying criminal hanging himself who got there in a freakish chance election, we’ve so got this we’ve got the resources and votes to make the Senate a national election, too.

I’m positive Vice President Biden also knows and sees this, in many ways 2020 is political child’s play, we’ve all been a little freaked out since the Trump win but please, we’ve got this. As long as Mr. Biden doesn’t allow himself to get bullied, that is, for this voter failure there could easily mean failure for the election, I won’t tolerate it.

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