Saturday :: Apr 18, 2020

Trump is Spiraling Totally Out of Control

by paradox

Ms Mary McCord of the Washington Post detailed yesterday what I’d never, ever thought I’d see in American journalism, plain truth that, incredibly, really states that the President of the United States incited insurrection against American State Governors.

Trump is a lying psychopathic criminal and we have certainly been here before with Ukraine in terms of watching the constitution being shredded. But there are two additional elements to this latest horror show that somehow significantly notch up the roar to this crush job on our country, holy Jesus what a nightmare!

When Trump extorted the Ukrainians to smear Joe Biden he got caught and frantically lied to hide it, a straight linear mental shot of filth. But there’s a vicious circular pattern to Trumps insurrection lies that horribly cranks up the energy of evil here.

First Trump went full-on fascist and declared that as our new President Dictator he alone had the total authority to tell States when to re-open. When that screaming splat of hooey met the wall of reality Trump spun around and said it was up to the States after all, never mind what I said before!

Then when absolutely whiny manbaby beyond pathetic State protests appeared, angry at the authority Trump had just granted--my God those churlish little punks protested with their automatic rifles at the Governor’s house in Michigan—Trump spun around again and incited insurrection with the protestors!

The lies and fantasies just spin around faster and faster, I guess the next step is that Trump orders in the National Guard to put down the insurrection he himself incited, how could this be happening to us?

Ukraine was a thwarted mob job where the harm was the legal and political degradation of American Democracy. Here in this outrage, as Dana Milbank of the Washington Post eloquently showed today, the harm is real American lives in real time, our people are dying horrible deaths alone hooked up to machines because of what that filthy felon in the White House is doing.

By the way, Mr. Milbank, more than once I’ve refrained from kicking your ass for your beyond-absurd, unprofessional, disgusting adherence to both-sides stupidity in American journalism.

I get so tired of beating up hapless American journalists, how many times must it be done? I also don’t know your story, Dana, perhaps some new unfamiliar streak of maturity stays my hand. But I’m totally Pulp Fiction Samuel Jackson on this, dude, do it one more time…

Excuse me. The second horrifying element to this latest Trump psychosis was illuminated very well by Dartagnan at Daily Kos, there is a real bright line of restraint on the liberal side of all this, my God you punks just cannot show up at Governor Whitmer’s house and try to push her around, guys like Dartagnan and me aren’t afraid of you and your god damn guns, not at all.

What happens when counter-protestors show up to defend her one day, this could not be happening to us, are we supposed to really try to comprehend American riots, shooting and death as the result of those punks who were actually led on to insurrection by the President of the United States? At the Statehouse in Michigan?

Words fail me, there is no comprehension to the bewildering degradation we have experienced so quickly as a Democracy, surely one day we must wake up and bust out of this nightmare. Right?

There are sagely Lords of power and great influence in the Republican Party, surely there are, I beg of you with every atom in my soul to make calls, form a team, get to the White House and compel this murdering mental patient President to resign.

First you plainly state he’s resigning because his lying idiocy is destroying the very livelihood of all of us, we have to make money in America! Then you offer him criminal immunity to any of his vast array of crimes, do it, in the bewildering horror of it all it’s worth it too.

A billion dollars too, write a check, just get that felon out the White House. I’m as serious as an Ebola outbreak, truly I am, offer Trump criminal immunity and a billion dollars, from all that we know of Trump’s sick, addled brain surely escape from the law and pocketing money not his will work.

Speaker Pelosi would instantly take the deal and authorize re-imbursement, I know she would. Trump is spiraling totally out of control, if we don’t take on Pence as a placeholder President for seven months we are just at 11:00 pm in the nightmare, there’s still a long, long way to go in all the agony.

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