Sunday :: Apr 19, 2020

Letter From California

by paradox

04/19/20 0435.11 PST
San Jose, California

My academic degree specialty at SJSU was public administration, and after giving a cursory look at the big 4 covid-19 testing/re-starting plans floating around I can only shake my head at the mountainous administrative task, are you kidding me, under precise best conditions Santa Clara County could implement such a program in September. Possibly.

Task one is ordering a test under precisely agreed parameters, the test in California should be the same as in Oregon. Hundreds of thousands will be needed just for this county, but no standard test is close to being set, there is no place to order it from, and they won’t be free.

From outward appearances it seems the Federal government has given up on this, on that last conference call with Pence the governors were basically told they were on their own.

Approximately 1,700,000 human souls reside in this county, for widespread testing and quarantine that means an employment force of at least 5,000 to carry out the simple test tasks. They have to be recruited and trained, and they won’t be free either.

This somehow will have to be whisked together with all the necessary employee accouterments: facilities, a human resource department, and necessary hierarchal administrative structure and rules. None of this is free, no.

Speaking of rules, once the test is somehow agreed upon then the result rules have to be set up—what happens to positive, what happens to exposed, when can they be ready to work again, is certification required for that? Certification means more employees, facilities and machines.

I saw on teevee that in one country just exposure to the virus meant quarantine for 15 days in a hotel room. Heh, not in a million years, Jack, you’re never confining me away from my little house. Do you have a populace that will actually follow the rules you set up?

What if citizens give you the finger? Are you supposed to somehow hook up with the San Jose Police Department to enforce quarantine rules? Good luck with that.

So you have a test, many millions of dollars on hand now, an available workforce, an administrative force found somehow, a facilities location, and set realistic rules for results that a docile populace will follow. When can this realistically happen?

September, five months, for performance at 50%. Given two years of experience and practice the quarantine squads might ramp up to 90%. All of this has to be replicated for every county, or somehow regions set up. Sacramento is already administratively maxed out from unemployment and DMV demands.

The DMV got ripped because everybody has to re-do their ID and driver’s license from stupid DHS “real ID” rules. American federal and State governments are having an understandably hard time just implementing Real ID, are you telling me this nimble force of intelligence can set up quarantine testing? On the fly?

[sigh] We could do our best with the simple motto doing nothing would be worse, but please, some realistic expectations are in order here. Perhaps some kind of testing strategy could be set up with mitigation as the goal when the economy is allowed to open again, right, essentially a form of triage on our people, somehow a choice made to re-open and expect x so many cases and thus x so many deaths.

Good luck with that too, is there supposed to be some kind of threshold? We re-open the economy then if we get x so many deaths then we shut it down again? Omg, good luck with that again.

All this in a complete absence of any rational federalism? Are the little people of California really expected to go through all this while that grapefruit brain DeSantis in Florida just does nothing? How is that supposed to work?

I know folks thought I was being flippant and irrational yesterday when I proposed a sage Republican cabal get to President Trump to get him to resign, pay him off and offer immunity, anything to get him out of there so we have a chance to get out of this.

We are in the worst spot I have ever seen us as a country. Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with the President, he’s so obviously so sick and ill. He lives in fantasy, the truth means nothing, death means nothing, he does not and cannot work, his sick mean bullying is pitting our States against each other.

Somehow get the President to resign so Pence can oversee a rational scientific and administrative effort. Frantically set up a local testing setup in the county, somehow order tests and somehow enforce rules that really work.

September, maybe, at 50% capability. How we could ever possibly get out of this I do not know, and some godawful terrible choices of impossible agony await our Governors. Expect many State governments to freeze and do nothing, they cannot handle a testing and quarantine evolution in any way with a busted federal government, no way.

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