Thursday :: Apr 30, 2020

We Seriously Need to Tend to Our Democracy

by paradox

I will never, ever forget the feeling of ripped dismay and distress when it became crystal clear the revered American democracy pillar of separation of powers was tossed into the shredder by President Combover during impeachment, the America I knew and loved was just gone, we might as well be Uzbekistan.

I hope it’s finally a vivid truth for all of us that the constitution isn’t a piece of paper and ink, that’s just instruction code, the constitution is held and implemented by the hearts and minds of Americans in the very present.

The President isn’t a king or above the law and is accountable to Congress for the truth. President Putin so petulantly gave Congress the finger and there was nothing anyone could do, we lost so much of the country when that happened.

That’s how you lose a country and a democracy, one piece at a time in a ruthlessly patient creep. The bands play, the flowers bloom in long May evenings, children laugh and in all the seeming normality criminals steal the country, yes, we’ve all learned that now very well too.

Not that they’ll ever get the chance again, that too becomes more of a surety each day, when President Pussy Grabber desperately tries to blame China—equivalent to bailing the Titanic with a toy bucket—for this screaming conflagration of lying and death Vice President Biden is being sworn in January 20th, 2021.

Vice President Biden is smart and alert enough to know the Senate is totally in play for the Democrats and will nationalize it, my dear Susan Collins, did you really think you could hide in Maine for 2020? You’re as gone as Miley Cirus’s virginity, adios, girl.

Oh yes. In all this horror one fact has irrevocably emerged: the grim fury of all liberals and Democrats. Somehow taking the House in 2016 didn’t deliver the message, well know it like the sunrise now, America, the Democratic Party will never sit here and let the country be stolen right in front of us, we’re on the march with votes, money and righteousness on our side, we’re taking over all of DC in 2021.

Just watch us. Did you really think President Lysol could win with all of us fiercely doing everything can to beat him? The grim fury, the relentless energy, all Democrats know what’s on the line and we will never let the country be stolen, not in our time.

When we finally get to the start day of rebuilding the democracy next January we have to know this is a long, extremely necessary task we foolishly ignored in the past. If we don’t tend to the democracy every year with our hearts and minds we’ll lose it and get another President Bone Spurs.

I can only state will all the fervor in my soul Vice President Biden sees this and appoints serious cabinet-level attention and resources to it, please, it’s the right thing to do and good politics, many Americans are still really into democracy, they’ll like taking care of it.

For the sake of putting something first, have Congress precisely codify separation of powers for impeachment and forever close any avenue where a President can ignore Congress again, god, will I ever lose the sense of shame from it?

Forget the Senate filibuster for 2021, get rid of it forever. Keeping it will only cripple our ability to implement recovery and the solar conversion, neither of which is an option.

Is there a constitutional way to force States to implement voting-by-mail? Do it.

Make the federal election a holiday in September.

Somehow nationalize these two issues and do not let them go, gerrymandering and felon disenfranchisement. In California we have had an amazing success with our district commission, they really fairly do their jobs and everyone accepts the results.

It’s beyond outrageous a person can do their hard time and not become a full citizen upon release. It appears Florida will yet again get away with this for 2020 but after this election it will be the last time, let there never be any doubt of that. As they say in the swamp at Balloon Juice, thank dog!

We have lost 2 presidential elections to the busted Electoral College, fix this stupid monstrosity which has destroyed our democracy to the extent we got President Putin. If it takes a constitutional amendment and years to accomplish, well, get started.

What are we demanding here? Money? Equality? Fairness? No, just the foundation of our country all can agree we need to be real Americans. Living in Uzbekistan under President Lysol has been a hell we’ve never going through again.

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