Sunday :: May 3, 2020

Somebody Tell the Republicans How Childish Attacking China Is

by paradox

Although there are many signs Election 2020 is turning into an epic Democratic rout that captures both the Presidency and Senate in a roaring glory of epic righteousness there isn’t a liberal in America who looks forward to the election without a significant amount of dread.

Why is that? Because the Republicans have de-evolved into an angry authoritarian despotism, harnessing racism and misogyny into brutal divisive politics. They build nothing, heal nothing, offer no solutions to seriously urgent problems and only know how to attack Democrats, usually with filthy lying tactics of bullying schoolyard character.

Any Democrat will instantly tell you 2016 was the worst election they’ve ever had to endure, a sickening endless cascade of filth from Trump goaded on by the worst elements of Russian propaganda. We keep hearing the vast array of political attack artillery lined up by the Trump goon army is all armed and ready to go for 2020, but the covid-19 catastrophe has confused and stalled them.

I saw on teevee weeks ago some classic American journalism flippant remark without source or attribution that Joe Biden has been constantly, strenuously warned not to get swiftboated. I believe it, everyone knows all the Republicans can do is launch some sick personal attack that bullies and trolls our candidate, a stupid and credulous American journalism corps happily playing the game.

Liberals have watched this awful bullying so many times—Al Gore the Liar, Kerry’s pink Band Aids, Hillary’s emails, what’s the sick attack that means nothing to the governance of the country going to be this time? Does Biden have the brutally necessary cognitive skills necessary to effectively fight back? We’re waiting, certainly not happily so.

Incredibly during this blessed delay of muted propaganda guns word has really leaked out the Trump Republican campaign attack goon strategy is focused on—get this—not on a Joe Biden element, but on attacking another country as primary focus, China, and Biden’s interaction.

Heh-heh-heh-heh. Please, I’m afraid the American electorate will never be described as advanced after semi-electing Trump but it will never, ever fall for this, for God’s sake this an American election with American officials, not even the dimmest schoolyard bully tries to blame the neighbor on the baseball field when caught.

In a sickeningly distressing way this laughably childish evasion of blaming China is par for the course for Trump and his circling hyenas, for the covid-19 response has vividly shown Trump and Pence truly don’t get federalism and national leadership, my God they don’t get America, let alone base human psychology.

As Digby of Salon had to remind them we used to be a country of Articles of Confederation, we junked it because it there was no mechanism for national leadership—the Presidency. If the Canadians attack, do the Floridians just say hey, your problem, Maine, can’t you see we’re busy?

If a contagion like covid-19 arrives that absolutely, unequivocally demands a national, federal response in testing and re-opening strategy do we say hey, States, it’s not on us? There has to be Presidential, Executive leadership for this, there is no option, but incredibly Trump has just dumped it on our governors.

National testing development and distribution? Forget the vast military capabilities right at my command, chumps, I say I’m the President but not for this. Coordinated, rational re-opening strategy that could never, ever be implemented by the States themselves? Hey man I took the oath office but shut up, you really took that seriously? Trump has decided the American Presidency doesn’t exist for this issue either.

The American people are never going to be fooled by this gross abdication of duty, they know on a base human level in crisis we need a singular leader, The Alpha, right, she or he of heroic strength to unify in bold strokes of wisdom and clarity.

Trump has looked at all this and gave this answer: not me. I suppose we’ve all grown so-wearyingly used to Trump’s filthy splats of evasion and irresponsibility this seems somehow normal but God it so isn’t, this will never, ever work in so many dimensions.

Somehow there must be a way to communicate to the Trump campaign strategy team how ridiculously, ludicrously childish this all is, after telling us Trump won’t be President for testing and re-opening you’re really going to attack China as a re-election strategy? Truly seriously?

Please. Filthy trolling from foamy swiftboats is one thing, this awful evasion of gross childishness quite another, god the Republican regression has turned them into noting but hopeless chattering children.

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