Monday :: May 4, 2020

We’re STILL Waiting on a Captain Crozier Answer, Secretary Esper

by paradox

Any DC official veteran will tell you a seriously solid strategy to evading an embarrassing public issue is to simply mutely wait it out “in consideration,” meaning let the chattering US journalism corps soon forget about it and move onto something else.

Vapid television journalism has no memory, Defense Secretary Esper, but the Republican base and I certainly do. We haven’t forgotten for one millisecond the Navy’s recommendation to reinstate Captain Crozier after that Trump goon Modly fired him for frantically trying to save his crew on USS Theodore Roosevelt.

President Mob Boss had Crozier fired because he committed the abhorrent sin of getting the truth out publicly, oh my god the humanity. For a criminal public truth means possible shame and prosecution, for a cowardly incompetent it means accountability and expected performance, Trump is both, so of course Crozier was instantly heaved over the side.

But then we all found out that ridiculous alleged fact that Trump can do anything to his base and they’ll always slavishly follow him to be a bunch of obvious hooey. The Republican base only believes and supports one branch of government, the vast United States Military, and they hold servicemembers in an almost reverent state of respect.

A Navy Captain doing nothing more than fighting for the lives of his crew when the Navy is in a new, difficult spot is afforded that same reverence, and that chump Modly got a hurricane of abuse for firing Captain Crozier, make no mistake if Trump had personally fired Crozier the base would have torn him apart too.

President Pussy Grabber, ever the coward, instantly figured it out. A print reporter asked him about the Crozier issue last Friday and of course we got the instant, reflexive lying from fear.

“I don’t know him…I don’t know him…” Me? That guy? Why, nothing whatsoever in my head was ever there about this certain person, whatever happened I had nothing to do with it!

But then the mean meandering criminal instantly showed himself in the next sentence, “This Captain is an Ernest Hemmingway, he wrote a four-page memo that got public, you can’t do that.” The matter was dropped, the issue still up to Esper to decide.

[sigh] Somewhere in the empty, clattering brain of this lying thug criminal there must have been an early educational experience with Hemmingway and Old Man of the Sea. Trump is nothing more than a mental patient who should be on lithium and barbiturates, so if Hemmingway and Crozier created public text in ocean environments of course it makes perfect sense. Right?

Secretary Esper, everyone completely knows a bully gets instantly frantic when the fear doesn’t work and defiance—insubordination!—is the outcome from attempted abuse. If you re-instate Captain Crozier a private session of it is 100% surely coming your way, I can imagine that would be an experience to put off, yes.

However, if you meekly go along with the outrage and so foolishly disrespect the Admiralty a very public, very serious hurricane of abuse is instantly coming your way, and there will be erosion of support for Trump in the Republican base. In an election year.

There’s also the issue of what you’ll do to yourself and your family, mm, boy, they’ll dox you, your home and your wife will be brought into this. Ten years of active duty, a doctorate, all that ass-kissing at Raytheon, all to be smashed apart because you handed over your honor to a Putin lapdog? Really? You seriously expect a good outlook on life after that?

Bummer how life comes at you fast, sir, I know this never could have been foreseen, but you should have known signing up with Trump carried incredible risks.

Well, now you know. Again, we all know, just because this is in The Left Coaster doesn’t mean it can’t represent truth from the Republican base, they know me and have listened to me before. Everyone knows everything about it, the mob boss firing, the military reverence of the Republican base, the cowardly Trump evasion, the trap you’re in and what you face with either option.

Tell Trump neither of you can risk angering the base or defying the Navy, not in an election year. Ten minutes of incoherent ranting isn’t so bad, then publicly release a statement with the truth, it was wise to follow the advice of the Admiralty, Captain Crozier gets his job back.

Don’t admit to the mistake, just state that truth and move on. Just a short written statement of plain truth, sir, so easily executed today, Secretary Esper.

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