Friday :: May 8, 2020

Beware the Lunging, Eratic Behavior of Confusion

by paradox

It’s beginning to dawn on a large majority of Americans that the President of the United States and the Executive Branch are nothing more than lying, petulant children who, 60 days into this screaming crisis, have simply given up and quit, it’s too hard so take that ball and go home.

We cannot get out of this without a national effort on covid-19 testing. We need a singular machine and test, we need supplies for it and it has to be distributed, this can…not…be….done….by States. Yet just yesterday the Press Secretary happily lied to everyone’s faces and said testing was “nonsensical” as the President gets tested weekly.

The American people are experiencing and will soon display behavior related to base, core confusion. This is not the confusion of bewilderment or complexity, it’s the wandering confusion of co-existing clashing core environment factors that cannot be, yet somehow are right there.

All of our lives it was strenuously hit home how crucial it is to be honest and truthful, lie to the cops and you’ll go to jail, lie to anyone in your circle of humans and it’s an instant catastrophe of untrusting shunning. Yet the Press Secretary and President lie with impunity every day.

Governor Newsom, desperately trying to implement a testing solution, has been talking of a west coast alliance with Oregon and Washington. What in the holy hell is he talking about, we already have an alliance of States, it’s called the United States of America, right there between Canada and Mexico!

Since the President is a quitter who lies about it not only are we horribly stuck in the worst of both worlds, there’s this terribly insidious creep of the unknown timeline, there is absolutely no indication of a resolution. How can there be no perceived ending?

Jared Kushner and the President keep gushing about what a terrific job they’ve done entering a new Depression with corpses stacked in refrigerator trailers. The lying is expected here, yes, but the screaming alternate realities have to be impossible, no human could look at this and praise themselves, but somehow it’s still right there.

In this nightmare of core clashing principles and values confusion will soon add to our list of problems: anger, apathy, compulsiveness, and rejection.

Betty Cracker of Balloon Juice is a wise, enviably talented writer who noted yesterday something I’ve been watching very closely too, the tipping point of anger into enraged mob destruction. For the love of the 4th Amendment we cannot lie to our people, crush the employment environment, starve our kids, watch tens of thousands die while Jared Kushner and his criminal buddies get rich off it and expect a serene populace, are you kidding me?

This is nothing like the childish faux protest anger we see now because impudent morons can’t get a haircut or a cheeseburger. What we should expect and be wary of are instant flash points of riots and destruction from food and unemployment lines, or Election 2020 elements that would have been normal in 2016 but in this environment blow up into violence, our people maiming and fighting each other in the streets.

Confusion and conflicting values with no end in sight will deliver apathy to many. Nothing makes sense and the President is a quitter, why should I try hard? Americans are famous for their energy and ingenuity, but just when we need it most confusion will rob it from us.

With no mental pillars to hang onto and no end in sight others with impulsively reach for solutions and ideas they’d normally reject or not try. People easily get suckered or angrily inflict harm with surprising speed, which just adds to the general energy of bewilderment.

Still others will just look at all the ridiculous, hideously dishonest, hypocritical mess and simply withdraw, singular mental entities making up their own mental rules that make sense and have as little as possible to do with the outside world.

I am so sorry and achingly horrified, but we are in a terrible, terrible spot as a country and in for bad times for a long time. The brightest glimmer of hope is for next year, January 20th, when Vice President Biden and a Democratic Congress is sworn in.

Yes, I have been in the reeling bewilderment of the confusing abyss before. It will end one day. Do not isolate, choose small good deeds of honest sincerity, listen to voices that calmly do not give up, be easy on yourself, and know that this will not happen again, we can and will grow out of it.

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