Friday :: May 15, 2020

Watching American Democracy Teeter

by paradox

After oral arguments were finished with the Supreme Court on the multiple judicial attempts to get Trump’s taxes a palpable feeling of dreaded gloom settled over citizens of democracy watching, for although these cases are absurdly simple and the lawyers defending Trump ludicrous clowns everyone knows this Mallard Court of Supremacy could so easily blow it again and quack quack quack our country back to Turkmenistan.

They did it just weeks ago when they said the Wisconsin primary wasn’t an election of special circumstance. The country and democracy desperately needs the truth here for something that should have been routinely handed over years ago, but those Supreme Mallards don’t care in the least, they’ve shat all over themselves and the law so many times not one sane American soul expects the truth or justice to be delivered here, we’re just waiting with a queasy hope. 1

The great writer Hunter at Daily Kos quipped yesterday he wasn’t going to make it to the election, the endless sickening flops and gyrations of our lying thug criminal ruling class is brutally difficult to watch. I know what you mean, brother, dreading how the Supreme Court could knife the democracy again is just one of the sickening splats of dysfunction I’m watching, it has ripped and ground me down to sorrowful silence lately.

If there were any justice in this universe Jared Kushner would have to appear in public for a year with a bar of Dove soap jammed into each cheek to stop the flow of disgusting filth from his criminal squirrel mouth. A reporter asked him the covid-19 mayhem would delay election 2020 and his response was well, we’re looking into it.

You pestilent, repellant monstrosity of semi-fascism, you somehow possess the gross ignorance and astounding arrogance to toss the very foundation of American democracy aside like it was a bad check. You little cockroach of Mussolini’s sock drawer, we have never delayed an election here and we never, ever will, god if the atmosphere never wastes a molecule of oxygen for your rancid lungs the world would sigh in relief.

I still haven’t forgotten how you lied repeatedly on your security clearance forms, Jared Kushner. That’s a serious civil offense you should have been prosecuted for while you and President Mob Boss made a complete mockery of our security apparatus. This abhorrent rat of incompetent nepotism is still a horrendous national security risk, a gaping wound to American decency that horribly cripples the country.

Captain Crozier of USS Theodore Roosevelt is not getting his job back, the Secretary of Defense is just waiting it out patiently so the Republican base fury will be weakly muted when the decision comes. It’s a brutal, nasty thing to do, of course that’s the point with our thug President, but still to see the Chief of Naval Operations disrespected like this is just awful, it cannot be but yet again somehow is on our new era of gross authoritarianism.

Speaking of President Impeachment, it’s become SOP for the little people to watch this ranting psychopath not be called the plain sick lithium lunatic he is, now that he’s criminally going after political opponents with Bill Barr we’ll have to get used to the American media not calling him a fascist or Stalinist or whatever, our dear soft political media cousins so obviously grow faint with the truth, poor dears, it’s hard for them.

They’ll read this and instantly rationalize it, we all understand, CBS, it makes total sense to you but the little people still have to be inflicted with this insane blabbering criminal every day in plain sight, sorry, it’s so not normal and is horribly rattling the psychology of any sane person watching.

President Sicko has recently rallied his troops and is reeling, stupid brain into a frenzy over Obamagate, their word for pathetic distraction and scapegoating. For the love of Hamilton, all the little people want to hear from President Criminal is how he’s doing his job, how could some completely fake scandal in a time frame 3 years past ever work politically?

You can try to confuse the little people, distract us, frantically cover up crimes with a quack court and act like the United States is a new fiefdom of fascism, it will never, ever work. Election 2020 will take place and it will be an epic Republican rout, that already is clear. If you think just an electoral defeat awaits you, President Charity Ripoff, think again, we’ve got some gold handcuffs ready for you.

[1] I was surprised to see the El Jefe Badass of DC jurisprudence, one George Conway, so confidently proclaim this week in the Washington Post that of course the USSC would rule that Trump must turn over his tax returns.

He’s been around more than long enough to precisely know what those five clowns of the USSC can and will do. My dear Mr. Conway, those quacking wandering idiots of lawlessness don’t give a damn about you, the law, the country or the democracy. Hopefully your awakening to reality will be soon and not too brutal, but again, those filthy liars on the USSC don’t care how much agony they inflict, Mr. Conway, not at all.

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