Monday :: May 18, 2020

Obama Breaks Presidential Norms Himself

by paradox

During this chaotic catastrophe of the Trump presidency it’s become a wearying task of sharp dismay to catalogue how many norms of democracy that Putin puppet has smashed and soiled, but for political nerds a surprising new actor has emerged in throwing out past Presidential conventions, President Obama.

American presidents retire to a quiet political life of complete silence, it was always completely understood it wasn’t fair to deny a new president a fresh start, there couldn’t be any higher political plane to ascend to,[1] and as Dr. Atrios will tell you, this norm pre-stresses a cherished DC political paradigm: bygones. Whatever heinously stupid or offensive act you committed, oh well, brother, it’s all good.

Political geek antennae seriously popped over the weekend with news that Vice President Biden said he wouldn’t pardon Trump after he’s sworn in next year. Okay, yes, but will he be prosecuted? We shall see, the American political and mental forces to look forward and not prosecute political opponents will be enormous. Forced to guess I would say no, Biden won’t prosecute Trump.

Anyway, in all of modern American presidential history only President Obama decided to break out and actively campaign in 2018/2020. Presidents Carter and Clinton see the danger we’re in, no doubt of that, yet they stay with tradition and stay relatively quiet. Why is that?

Far as I’m aware no one’s directly asked him, but I can imagine part of the motivation arises from trying to make up for two hideous mistakes, hiring James Comey as FBI director and letting Mitch McConnel get his way about keeping quiet about Russian 2016 election interference as it was happening.

[opens hands] Many times I’ve seen and heard from brothers and sisters in the Party criticism of President Obama is not to be countenanced in any form for any millisecond, it’s an act of betrayal to Party and him, it can only diminish his accomplishments and hurt us in the future.

Please. I understand, all right, but realism rules in these pixels, of course Presidents make mistakes, these two horribly stupid and hideous ones are two incredibly important facts into the evolution of how we got into this Trump horror show, to ignore them would turn us into a form of bind political automaton that so disturbs in the Republican base.

At least Vice President Biden will have learned, yes, don’t appoint Republicans to your cabinet, and if the Mexicans launch a Facebook propaganda campaign for 2022 don’t keep it a secret, no, thank you so much.

To wander further into pure conjecture besides watching American democracy implode after his handoff I would imagine President Obama feels he let the little people down too much, inequality got a lot worse in his tenure. For whatever the reason all liberals and Democrats welcome President Obama for the 2020 campaign, his presence and efforts can only help motivate the Democratic Party base.

Besides watching a past President emerge to campaign as we all know the little people have had to watch our ranting orange mental patient President somehow turn President Obama into a campaign issue for 2020. President Obama and Vice President Biden tried to sabotage my campaign!

[sigh] Bells will ring, champagne will pop, the angels will assemble for choirs and all the world will ecstatically revel when this disgusting man-child stops inflicting his grossly immature childishness on all of us. After everything we’ve gone through, all the dues paid, the tragedies endured, the faith so assiduously maintained, this is what we really have to endure every day as American adults? Are you kidding me?

President Obama will easily defect this stupid desperate lunge by Trump to distract from his own crimes and incompetence. Again, he is completely forgiven by the Democratic base for past mis-steps, he isn’t responsible for the criminals exploiting them, and there is immense gratitude he sees the danger we’re in and is willing to help.

We’re certainly going to need it, President Obama is so good at inspiring optimism and keeping the faith that the best in us will deliver a functioning democracy again.

It’s horribly trying for the little people to watch our President be a lying ranting Twitter psycho patient every day, Trump has no conscience and is horribly enabled, it’s discouraging beyond words to see the United States of America be degraded so. Thank you, President Obama, for helping us keep the faith we’ll get out of this.

[1] John Quincy Adams served in House after his term, and Andrew Johnson put in a Senate term after the Presidency.

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