Wednesday :: Jun 17, 2020

Not a Democrat Alive is Complacent About 2020

by paradox

As our lying criminal President craters in a deep, broad arrange of reputable polling, as he’s horribly on the wrong side of the Black Lives Matter movement, and as he shuffles and incoherently rambles into a catastrophic unemployment rate we keep hearing warnings that Democratic base complacency will set in as the obvious coming outcome of a President Trump and Republican Party 2020 wipeout rout is soon to be a blessed reality.

The latest mention of such warnings came from Eric Boehlert in his latest edition of Press Run, always a worthy read for any political junkie. Mr. Boehlert stated his optimism for 2020 as an adherence to plain reality, fair enough, but as Democrats we should never let that reality deter our confidence, we’re going to smash President Trump and his criminal enablers into oblivion this November, nothing will ever stop us from hammering that reality into America history.

Yes all the polling currently tells us this, and after 2016 every Democrat still knows the ultimate truth of polling: it’s mostly right, most of the time. Polling is truly useful in trends and history, naturally it didn’t have the time to reflect the huge bomb James Comey threw eleven days before November 2nd in 2016.

Polling forecast the loss of President Trump in 2016, yes, but equally adding to the complacency of that election was the criminal sexual predator candidate himself, certainly a huge percentage of Republican base women would instantly reject this foul felon and sink him. Right?

I’m still shocked at how that did not happen, still horribly dismayed at the lesson of how deeply tribal American politics can be, still horrified at how a useless, stupid American journalism corps could obstruct the truth about who Trump really was and is.

In different degrees so is every single member of the Democratic base, and if one thinks a mere three years can ease the horror of that election into some kind of lazy gaze upon 2020, heh, no, that will never, ever happen, not to one Democratic voter.

[chuckles] I rarely address our cher Republican cousins directly, growth and truth are far better attained with attention to one’s self and Party, but for once I’m talking directly to the Republican base, I want to have a little chat with you.

Where’s James Comey for 2020? Is there some high federal official that’s going to throw a huge bomb into Biden’s campaign 11 days out?

What happened to the American journalism corps, why aren’t they endlessly ranting about a non-story that still managed to paint Hillary Clinton as a criminal? Are they there for you in 2020, criminalizing Joe Biden too?

What about the Russians? Are they meeting with the Trump campaign over a hundred times and helping leak Democratic candidate emails through Wikileaks? No?

Is there a split Democratic Party, a base riven with conflict and resentment?

What about Twitter and Facebook? Twitter banned all political advertising for 2020, and if you think a bot army is a real American political force, heh, well, keep on with that fantasy if you wish.

Facebook has been irrevocably slotted to Fox News level of political trash, no one looks to Facebook for the truth. That odious, slimy bowel movement CEO of Facebook has made a complete ass of himself trying to twist himself into an ethical being while he publishes fascist propaganda, his horrified employees distraught to have another 2016 episode in their employment history.

Mr. Zuckerberg can try his little propaganda two-step again, for that he’ll irrevocably smash and lose the morale of his employees, and when President Biden and a Democratic Congress take control in 2021 they’re going to break up that foul lying publishing company, AOC writing the bill.

Just that Facebook outcome alone motivates every single registered Democratic voter in the United States will a nuclear burn of searing motivation, oh my god, walk over broken glass, commit the family fortune, trudge through searing deserts and mountain passes to vote, vote by mail, vote everywhere to smash that company and its lying propaganda to total oblivion, what a beautiful day that will be.

You hear me, Republican base? There is no James Comey for 2020, no email story to cripple Joe Biden, no Russian help, and your propaganda platforms have been hugely hobbled. Of course the polls show a total Republican wipeout for 2020, we know, it only motivates us more, a lot more, all of us are voting and nothing—nothing—will get us complacent for 2020.

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