Wednesday :: Jul 1, 2020

2021 Senate Democrats: Junk the Filibuster

by paradox

I’d like to pick up the ball from Markos Moulitsas at Daily Kos with his admonition for the 2021 Senate Democrats to junk the filibuster forever, to keep it would be an unthinkable abdication to duty and the forces of necessary American change.

Yes, the polling and environment presently look that good, a wipeout blue tsunami that leaves the Presidency and Congress firmly in Democratic Party control for 2021.

There’s always this caveat these days we’re five months out, that’s an eternity in electoral politics, Trump could still turn it around. I always notice, however, that the inverse of this logic is somehow never mentioned, the forces that have smashed Trump behind now could easily accelerate, the alleged eternity awaiting him will only make him lose even more so. I actually see that as the much more likely scenario, in four months Trump is going to transform himself from a lying, racist fascist wannabe Putin puppet? Heh.

All national Democrats in every branch would be well to gird themselves for the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Beltway press corps, for all of sudden performance and competency will matter, transparency and honesty will be critical for governance, and of course it’s time to clean up another flaming Republican mess, never mind how we got here!

Added to the press unfairness will be a nuclear fire alarm emergency for the country, 2021 will not be just another term, not at all, vast amounts of work is waiting in critical legislation for six huge policy paradigms: racism, inequality, sexism, climate change, pandemic, and infrastructure. We’re grossly over-militarized at 48% of discretionary spending (!) and desperately need investment in Democracy mechanics, not to mention immigration reform. The list very much goes on.

The American birth rate is way down. We have to set up rewards for having children and solve the childcare issue, if the country is set up so it’s too hard to have children how the hell can a legislative session be approached casually?

Another way to look at it is the Fight for $22. If in fact the minimum wage had been indexed to inflation that’s what it would be this very fine day. That’s how far behind we are, Senate Democrats, and how very badly we’ve screwed our little people all these years. Significantly raising the minimum wage will be part of your inequality package, of course, when Elizabeth Warren reverses tax cuts and imposes a wealth tax, too.

Radicals! Oh my God, communists! Socialists! Run for your lives, re-distributors! I’m truly sorry to say, Senate Democrats, but here’s another DC culture hypocrisy and unfairness: Republicans can smash the country into semi-fascism, ain’t that a shame, but should Democrats be liberals Jefferson save us the sky is falling and the Republic is doomed. Don’t fall for it, please don’t make your people watch it.

Confident, steadfast, proud, industrious, unrestrained in ambition and certainly not bound by that filthy filibuster, this is your only path for 2021, Senate Democrats, it will be a very special time and it’s time to start getting ready now, today. I’m positive you won’t let us down.

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