Thursday :: Jul 2, 2020

We All Believe It, We All Know It, We Know There’s Something There

by paradox

According to Eric Boehlert the third rail of American political journalism is the mental health state of the President, Trump can meander any alarming nonsense and it’s never plainly stated only a looney-tuney nutcase would ever utter such sentences.

I felt for Dr. Brandy X. Lee recently, she’s made it a three-year crusade to convince anyone President Trump is sick and ill, but the plain knowledge of such stark reality never sinks in to public consciousness. Trump was asked what his second term plans were a week ago and word salad is such a generous term for the response, it was nothing more than mental patient blathering from a total sicko.

Well, Dr. Lee, the American journalism ignores the plain obvious psychosis but it’s noted here again. If Trump can’t be forced to resign there’s just nothing anyone can do, the impeachment enabling making things much worse, yes.

If that lithium-prescription second term response from Trump induced a stifled scream I certainly know the feeling, ma’am, for another mountainously obvious Trump phenomena with massive implications in multiple dimensions just sitting there in the open, never plainly acknowledged or discussed, is that the President of the United States is owned by Vladimir Putin, Trump is a sellout and a puppet to that mob killer Pinochet wannabe Russian despot.

In another amazing confirmation Trump is obviously lying about what he knew of Putin’s atrocious bounties for American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even in the sick spew of lying he still can’t somehow issue a condemnation. Putin is facilitating and rewarding death upon our soldiers, the President cannot respond, he has to be owned.

A few credible essayists have described Trump as a murderer for his tragically inept response to covid-19, more than a few a traitor after this bounty episode. President Trump doesn’t precisely fit either definition, I won’t go that far, but just the credible discussion is horrifying and depressing.

Like many of us I am exhausted by this lying mental case puppet President, but more these days I feel I knifing sadness, an incredulous shudder of disbelief that this ever could have happened, a terrible pain of desecration to what was once a great country.

Many of us are becoming truly angry. As I and Betty Cracker of Balloon Juice warned and have been watching for, anger and rage had to be a response to all the whiplash of lying and job losses being inflicted on the populace, when the Black Lives Matter protests erupted Bayfair mall and a Best Buy were sacked and looted here in San Leandro.

Along with being a sick treacherous liar President Trump is obviously a racist, Amanda Marcotte has warned us Trump plainly has a political strategy to inflame the racism to provoke is base into voting. Trump is soaking a tinderbox with gasoline, along with the knifing depression a creeping dread of future erupting racial violence haunts me.

Many were sure years ago President Trump was owned by Putin after the amazing Helsinki performance, where of course Vlad did nothing wrong and the CIA was full of it. Nothing was ever plainly acknowledged then about Trump being owned and still nothing since, even after Putin’s bounties.

Alcohol consumption has seen a big spike in America since the covid-19 conflagration, god all the little people have to do is watch their President be an obvious mental patient and Putin puppet while ABC News acts like it’s all so normal, are y’all kidding me? Seriously? Tequila shots, god, anything to dull the insanity.

The title of this essay came from former naval intelligence officer Malcom Nance, via Press Run and Eric Boehlert, for years there’s been rampant speculation and rumors to the precise mechanism for Putin owning Trump, could be a sexual honeytrap, some debt twist Trump ensnared with, maybe just the 2016 election help, who knows.

The entirety of global media has seen all these things, and, unless you don’t believe anything about the Russian operation against the United States, we all believe it. We all know it. We know there’s something there.

It really doesn’t matter, the PBS Newshour won’t plainly say President Trump is an obvious Putin puppet, the little people just have to see it and know it while somehow the world around us acts as if it ain’t so. Do the best you can, if you can, Trump is mental patient puppet, no one ever plainly says so in the media, add total bewilderment to the dread and depression of our American summer.

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