Saturday :: Jul 4, 2020

Keep Acting Like Winners, Democrats

by paradox

Largely seen as symbolic, last week’s House vote to grant DC statehood was still some of the best news I have seen come out of DC for a long time. The Democratic Party acted like winners and put a clear goal on the horizon we can get excited about, 2 more Democratic Senators and 1 House member, possibly for the 2022 election, oh yes.

As yourself this: if the Republican Party knew there were 3 locked Congressional seats for them by granting DC statehood, would they hesitate in creating our 51st State? Heh, not for a second. DC Statehood is a real righteous issue for 2021, it’s not that line out of All the President’s Men anymore, where an editor says it has a real chance—in 1971.

In this hot summer of racial awareness it is beyond outrageous that approximately 500,000 DC citizens of color are not represented in Congress, yes. 3 highly prized Congressional seats will be added to our delegation, of course. But a new variable in 2021 adds a third factor of urgency in creating our newest State.

Turns out within the codified legal realm of DC the President and his Cabinet really do have instant authority to order and engage armed security forces within the district. When the BLM protests erupted armed American security forces with no badges or identification (probably from the Bureau of Prisons) seethed out of the DC woodwork from nowhere, thickly muscled riflemen in body armor at the ready on the whim of who knows where.

Then the National Guard was ordered to desecrate the Lincoln Memorial, so they did. Then President Putin went berserk, dispersing protestors with gas and rubber bullets out of Lafayette Square. Then President Bone Spurs really rang up the ultimate American nightmare, readying the 82nd Airborne to bayonet protestors while the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff stalked around DC in battle fatigues.

General Mark Miley, please have your chief of staff resignation letter and service retirement paperwork ready for President Biden on January 25th, 2021, give the CIC a few days to settle in. Thank you, sir.

No one has forgotten any of this and for once a quick total fix is within our grasp, that scenario of armed American troops bayonetting citizens really could have happened and still might, DC Statehood is happening in 2021.

Please spare me the caveat Vice President’s Biden win in November is contingent upon Democrats not getting complacent. Paddle the Pacific, crawl Donner Summit, walk the Kilauea lava fields, repair and polish the gates of hell to vote, sonnombeeches, do it all if necessary, no Democrat alive is prepared to do anything less in this election, we’re going to win a unified Democratic Party federal government for 2021.

DC Statehood has to be a quick win that will cheer everyone and instill a lot of confidence. We’re going to need it, for with the unified government will come a fearsome howl from the right and laser attention from the journalism corps, Democrats aren’t given a pass for being lying chumps and are actually expected to govern with honest transparency that produces results.

Approached with trepidation and what the little people will get is Mitt Romney’s health care plan. 2021-2022 will be one of the most extraordinarily crucial Congressional terms in the Republic’s history with a unified Democratic government, yes you’re going to be called socialists and communists and, oh my god, liberals. So? Just keep reminding everyone the Republicans and their berserk twisted regression got us into this incredible mess, it will work magnificently.

Fairly soon a good smart move by Vice President Biden will play out with his selection of a woman Vice Presidential running mate. I would respectfully request of Vice President Biden to keep this good idea in play throughout the summer and fall, start announcing major cabinet picks and their legislative workup lanes and goals.

Very soon 15 New York covid-19 health catastrophes are about to erupt through the southwest. Unemployment is horror show at 11%. The President is a racist provoking the populace and making it all worse.

Our people really need something tangible to look forward to with real hope our government can honestly work for the little people. Climate change, racism, unemployment, covid-19, a mountain of work and achievement awaits us in 2021, start and keep acting like winners with DC Statehood, Democrats, it will only accelerate and lock in the win that’s ours this Fall.

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