Monday :: Jul 6, 2020

Oh the Horrors of Liberalism

by paradox

As another summer week dawns upon the nation the little people see that once again a presidency-ending scandal is fading away, Vladimir Putin plainly putting a bounty on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan meaning nothing to his groveling American Trump puppet.

The President endlessly rants frantic lies, all his people enable him and his position protects him, keep it up long enough and the press simply moves on. President Trump has no shame, there is no mechanism to get rid of him, our American dream and citizens dying a little more each day he’s in office.

Blaring into this serene sunny Monday morning vista of life is another plain fact: the President is a freaky orange mental patient who slurs, rambles, and often fantasizes on the fly into rambling nonsense. The journalism corps has tried to normalize this by ignoring it but it’s not working anymore in the least, everyone knows the President is incapable of working and totally incapable of engaging reality with any kind of adult sanity, let alone rational leadership.

The screaming hypocrisy and flagrant lawbreaking would in itself be a seriously potent recipe for social unrest. The President is a lying crook who frantically tries to cover is illness and persona and always gets away with it, why should I as a little person follow the rules? Why should our people be expected to act in unified goodness when the system is such a broken joke?

Not only that, our desperate Putin puppet has reached for his last stupid sick election card, deliberately inflaming race tensions and violence in the hope that somehow the white backlash will cover for his other failures.

Into this total catastrophe there is one tiny shard of hope and solace, that this sick insanity, this gross abdication of duty normalizing criminal psychosis, this abhorrent flip disregard for human life, all of this will never, ever work. We see it in the protests, we see it in the polling, we even see it in the journalism corps, which is plainly calling President Putin’s latest tactics racist, they’re sort of learning.

Of course any Republican with a shard of honesty and realism left in their brain instantly sees it too, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame ranted on Twitter recently that the liberals were going to take over and start hunting conservatives.

Heh-heh-heh-heh. Chill out, Scott, liberals aren’t into killing and death, I personally got so tired of ruthlessness I can’t even be a fisherman anymore. In four months liberals and Democrats are going to take the Presidency, the Senate, keep the House and chuck the filibuster, there’s absolutely nothing anything you and your Federalist buddies can do about it.

I’m reminded of the great writer Hunter at Daily Kos with this, once he proclaimed the horrors of Democratic dominion and its inflictions stay with me as we have four months to go in completely repudiating all this insanity.

Citizens in sandals and robes, headbands and patchouli, smoking pot before premarital sex, run for your lives! People with childcare and healthcare happily going to a city festival on a new train we built because we got disgusted of building aircraft carriers that never fight, the Republic will crumble!

By 2030 no technology in any of our homes or driveways will emit any hydrocarbon pollution, all of it will be electric. We finally will prove to our younger generations we’re not selfish pigs who will ruin our atmospheric biology for their future, oh my god the terror. Clean clear air that doesn’t sicken our children and finally at last rids us of dependence on those awful Saudi monarchs, massive protests in the streets will arrive with that liberal development, I’m sure.

Because we refuse to spend half of every available dollar on tanks and the Space Force there’s money for new schools and urban development, new electric trains, care for the elderly, public health investment, better water and sanitation systems, sustainable agriculture, the horror of it all will freeze the soul, certainly.

We’ll even make amazing progress with racisms and sexism, so many more of our people reaching their potential in a fair, happy country, this will surely be the end of America.

We all need this clear easily attainable vision of our country for hope and reassurance now, but I hope the conservatives realize there’s nothing to fear, all the left wants to do is help our planet and all our people, it won’t be so bad.

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