Monday :: Jul 13, 2020

The Interregnum is Upon Us

by paradox

Interregnum: a period when normal government is suspended, especially between successive reign or regimes.

Many political junkies have predicted a very special window of American political history, that dreaded 80-day span where Trump could be defeated but of course still be in office, and unrestrained by normal political parameters—or anything, for that matter—he could inflict incalculable damage on the country or actually smash the democracy itself, becoming a Putin squatter on the Potomac.

Well I’m afraid at four months out, July 13th, the awful interregnum of lawless insanity and destruction is upon us, for Trump has certainly lost Election 2020, there is absolutely no way he digs himself out of the electoral Grand Canyon he’s at the bottom of. Texas is in play, Texas is purple! Trump just handed Michigan to Biden in grossly childish ineptness. Biden is ahead in double digits nationally and ahead in every battleground state while the covid-19 rages out of control, please, this is so over.

I saw on the truncated Twitter feed at Hullaballoo that never-Trumper Rick Wilson scolded the Democrats not to get cocky. Well, sir, I have a two-word response for that: shut up. Not a Democrat alive has forgotten 2016 or is unaware that the country is on line, the knowledge we’re going to crush the Grand Old Party into electoral oblivion just excites us and doubly sets in a galactic resolve to get involved and vote.

Trump knows he’s lost too, only a defeated criminal would commute the sentence of Roger Stone, and only a political moron with no intention of winning would slime Dr. Fauci. We now know on July 13th the law means absolutely nothing to Trump in any sense, he knows nothing can be done when he stomps on it.

By the way, American journalism corps, the reason Trump wore a mask was to distract from his heinous dump on the law when he commuted Stone’s sentence. The little people watch this day after day, this childishly easy manipulation that sends you off like a pack of yapping dachshunds on a totally obvious distraction story, man it’s a disgusting, god-awful wearying sight, will you ever learn or grow up?

Excuse me. Of course an excellent argument can be made the rule of law never meant anything to Trump, but at least before the interregnum he was under some election restraints. The country can expect a lot more of this until January 20th, disorienting and whiplash pardons or flagrant disregard for the law in any way that Trump thinks locks in Republican authoritarian power.

Gross corruption for obstruction of justice may seem like a walk in the park after what Trump can do with the covid-19 catastrophe, for there’s already chatter all over the political landscape that Trump is weaponizing the crisis right now, he has zero interest in solving it and gets off on hammering helpless governors with extortion demands.

We have come so far down this road of American Mob Boss presidency that it was noted without comment Trump extorted American education and kids unless they caved into his insane demand he put their lives at risk by opening schools next month. Go to hell, you Putin puppet sexual predator racist orange fatso, my god would lithium even save you?

By the way, American journalism corps, President Trump is so obviously, completely mentally ill—he slurs words, sways in a funny posture while unable to walk down a ramp, has zero empathy for all those who have died of covid-19—but as Eric Boehlert keeps reminding us this is a third rail for your profession, you absolutely refuse to cover it.

One can intellectually accept how this can be so in the human realm of American politics and journalism, even though it’s yet another disgusting American journalism failure. The point is that the little people look for journalism to convey the truth, but denial of it here only leaves an onlooker confused, angry and distrustful. Of course, is that what the mission of journalism is supposed to deliver? Just when the country needs the truth the most? Jesus Christ.

Excuse me. President Trump is a totally unrestrained sociopath and criminal who is still enabled by the Republican Party and hapless American journalism corps. Somehow we have to pass the latest CARE act or we have lost the economy, and we have to have a clean election or we have lost the democracy. These are the first two critical challenges of the Trump interregnum, we very well may not make it out of this, six months to go.

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