Thursday :: Jul 16, 2020

Time to Enjoy a Win, Trump is Imploding

by paradox

Election 2016 has everyone so spooked that even the screaming train wreck of the Trump 2020 campaign still brings forth warnings of complacency, statements there’s still time for Trump to turn it around.

[buffs fingernails] A few of us noted that yes, there’s time for President Putin to turn it around, but that also means there’s time for him to furiously drive the campaign further into oblivion, which is precisely what’s happened.

There was that little incident of Trump being Putin’s sickening lapdog once again, this time ignoring Putin cash bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan. Utterly shameless Trump of course has desperately tried to lie his way out of it, but the searing reek of this nuclear turd of treason will not dissipate before November, Tammy Duckworth will make sure of that.

Then the rushed re-opening strategy blew up in Trump’s face and presidency, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas and California now face agonizing re-shutdown scenarios.

If this political catastrophe weren’t enough Trump, ever the idiot, furiously stepped into the school re-opening issue, the lives of our children and the education community mean nothing to him as long as he can keep trying to prop up the status quo. Politically this was manifestly stupid, but oh my god he managed to truly anger American Motherhood with this move, god help him.

It seems impossible for Trump to drive this relentlessly ever downward but he always comes through. Along with his ridiculous political positions of embracing racism, police brutality and immigration cruelty he’s mentally sick and ill, something is terribly wrong and he’s mentally degrading right before us.

Perhaps it was the blistering book from his niece, perhaps it was just giving up on a beyond-absurd stance of ignoring it, but for whatever reason national journalists are finally flatly saying so right in the real-time stories, not just the opinion pages, Trump is a weird, rambling sicko who cannot coherently even form cogent sentences, let alone any sophisticated thinking.

It’s still amazing to me Mitt Romney is the only Republican Senator with any integrity and honesty in all this flaming mess, if there where just 2 or 3 more I swear it’s a real scenario they could go to Trump and say look, there’s no shame in resigning for medical reasons, you’re ill, just be honest and go. It’s highly doubtful a mentally ill ex-President will be prosecuted, get some treatment and live in that tower, it will work.

Well, that will have to remain a fantasy, as well all know too well. If there’s any consolation it’s that those beyond-awful Senate Republican enablers are going down too, they’re trapped and total cowards.

[chuckles] In all this maelstrom of failure and incompetence, every Democrat alive furiously ready to vote and help, are you telling me Trump has a chance this Fall? Heh.

The latest Monmouth poll has Biden up by 15 points nationally. Trump finally dumped that obtuse little grifter he had running his campaign yesterday, but a Chernobyl containment structure couldn’t contain this campaign meltdown, it’s just another sign of desperate failure.

These are terrible times with awful daily news, but still a national win for a unified Democratic Party is a great thing and we should enjoy it as much as we can, we’ve earned it.
I am seriously bummed, I was going to buy a case of champagne and give it away with hugs to my people at SuperCuts, but the shop has been closed again. Oh well, 12 special moments with other liberal Americans will have to do. I’ll probably buy two cases.

If there were voting line problems in California I’d rent a portable toilet and set up a portable kitchen with a washing station, I’m a very good cook. If the Republicans have screwed your district with lines never mind, come out and vote, we’ll take care of you. If that’s something you’d like to do in your State contact me, I’ll help.

Of course I will donate in small amounts, I was ordered to stop it in these uncertain times, but when I do this month it will all be for Senate campaigns and help in Texas. Vice President Biden is running a competent, professional campaign to lock in a smashing landslide, I want to make sure we get as many Senate votes as we can.

When we do, we’ll get 2 more when DC is made a State next year.

[rubs hands together] Ahhhhhhh. I think I’ll go fool with electoral vote maps, god I love it when Texas turns blue!

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