Saturday :: Jul 18, 2020

Another Fascism Has Arrived Revelation

by paradox

I don’t mean to personally pick on Ms Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, a writer I like and respect, but I am highly irritated to see yet again another Beltway writer have their fascism has arrived moment, this time when Federal ICE agents descended on Portland and rounded up anyone they saw on the street, the DHS acting director braying falsehoods to smash the batons down.

I always thought that liberal rhetoric about Trump fascism was overblown, but oh my god with this happening a new sort of American fascism is here. Here we are 3.5 years into this horror show and still cogent American minds keep having this revelation, yes what a shock, Ms Marcus, if you’d just listened to us you would have realized it 3 years ago.

I feel like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman when he’s scolded he’s out of order. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to!” Five decades of planet experience, a political science degree from SJSU, a deep study of modern history from the age of 5 guided by a talented instructor, fanatical attention to current events and a wide serious cast of comprehension of general sciences, god, I’d never make the charge of fascism without being totally serious about it.

There’s that, but I’m equally upset the publication of such a serious charge would be so blithely dismissed from Daily Kos as just more hyperventilated partisan attack rhetoric. Look, Ms Marcus, if I mis-represent myself in qualification or deed they’d boot me out of here, that kind of personal dishonesty isn’t tolerated in liberal writing.

Not only that, dishonesty, lying, or fabrication of fact isn’t tolerated in content either, you’re gonzo quickly if you try. Mis-representation to divide, sow fear, or flagrantly distract is not tolerated, nor any writing seeking to deliberately harm or degrade in any way. When a liberal writer lays a charge of fascism at Daily Kos it isn’t some fanciful flight of lying to knife Republicans, it’s based on truth, fact and history, is that finally clear?

[sigh] Now then. Since here we are 3.5 years into the Trump nightmare with yet again the plain easy truth finally accepted by another sincere American it’s obviously necessary to list the hallmarks of fascism again. Please keep in mind a new American fascism will never be a copy of what we’ve seen before, of course not, it will be a different leather of the same authoritarian boot, that’s all.

It will be banal. There’s nothing deep, sophisticated or nuanced here in any way, the authoritarian goals are brutal and simple, its leaders usually crude, uneducated yokels surprisingly uncaring in their coarse obtuseness.

It will be glaringly dishonest and lying. The objective here is not to advance any wrong or dishonest ideology, it’s to flood the zone with so much lying the truth becomes indiscernible and meaningless.

There will be racial scapegoating. Dismaying in its repetition in human behavior for creating The Other, fascism takes this to the next level in real brutal cruelty, oppression and death for select minority groups.

It’s always core authoritarian. Fascists don’t give a damn about democracy, freedom, liberty or the truth, their aim is control and power for their own evil ends, they’ll dare you to react as they flagrantly smash norms and rules, lying and bullying all the while.

It will creep on you. Fascists don’t arrive out of nowhere on the scene, nor do they quickly take over, they’ll lie and bully just enough in one area and then back off, letting the outrageousness settle into a new normal. Then do it again and again, suddenly just 24 months later the political landscape has been effectively transformed.

Fear is their ultimate handmaiden and tool. Out of all the Presidential portraits why is Trump’s absent a smile and instead a nasty grimace? To let everyone know an angry liar is in charge, harm and humiliation soon to come your way.

Latino children have been separated from their parents at the border and caged. Heavily armed federal authorities swoop out of nowhere on DC and Oregon to violently oppress Americans. Trump is a stupid liar who never stops his flagrant dishonesty. The core tenet of American democracy—voting—is under constant attack by Trump and Republicans.

Trump and the modern American Republican Party have regressed and morphed themselves into rank violent fascists, of course they’re not German or Italian, they’re so home grown, we nurtured them right here ourselves. If we don’t get a clean 2020 election and smash the Republicans out we will have lost the country and democracy, yes, Ms Marcus, it will so not be America.

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