Friday :: Jul 24, 2020

Republicans: Idiots With the Economy

by paradox

Mitch McConnel and Donald Trump are behaving so stupidly and recklessly with the latest covid-19 recovery package in Congress many observers have stated they must know all is lost for 2020, salt the earth and poison the wells now so the enemy has no chance to succeed upon taking over.

With all the swirling maelstrom and drama of pandemic, protest and a wandering, babbling President who cannot comprehend passing an impaired cognitive test is not a good thing it’s become completely missed how massively critical it is for the economy and country this latest recovery pass with as close to the $3 trillion Democratic Party goal as possible.

If nothing is done 2021 will make 2020 seem like a cotton candy stroll in Disneyland, immediately tens of millions of households will be essentially broke, instantly rippling out in less spending, lost rents and busted mortgages. Just as that tsunami of crashing disaster starts to recede an even bigger wave will arrive in January when State budgets splat out.

It’s been noted we may be in the beginning of the second great American depression, the elements are totally in place with leadership off the mental rails in the White House, frantic lunges and excuses that things will still work out emanating daily (unemployment dropped to 11%!). Well if there is any doubt now about our second depression it will be smashed to oblivion by January if nothing is done immediately.

Again, the idiocy of the Republican position for covid-19 recovery is nuclear vivid, they control the Presidency and the Senate! Should those $600 unemployment benefits run out the effects will be felt and known instantly right there for the election! There is no way to lie, bluff or obfuscate out of this, their heads are on the political block and the only here answer for the amazing behavior is a stark one: electoral and Party suicide.

Of course the whole Republican revulsion to the covid-19 recovery is that heinously awful $600 unemployment payment, American workers are getting paid for nothing! They won’t come back to work with a payout like that, how could we ever recover in that scenario?

Naturally our Republican cousins are oblivious that $600 a week is a $120 day, which means $15 an hour. Had the unemployment rate been pegged to inflation the minimum wage would now be $22 an hour. That’s how badly we’ve screwed the American worker in the last 40 years, and how little the Democrats are truly asking for.

Currently the Republicans are stupid, wandering and unable to respond because of course the real issue isn’t unemployment spending, it’s spending they don’t like. They just passed a Jabba the Hut defense bill and massively cut taxes 2 years ago, frantic warnings covid-19 recovery increases the deficit are met with derisive laughter, oh shut up, the days of squawking about deficit spending are so over.

Unable to fall back on their only rationale for stopping borrowing they don’t like the Republicans are stuck and immobile, economic morons like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz irrevocably cementing their stupidity with microphones. The rest of the caucus is nervously mute, simply unknowing which option is better, abandoning their business alliance for screwing workers or the American economy.

All of this angst over the $600 unemployment payment is an esoteric one anyway. It doesn’t matter what imaginary principles it violates, there are no jobs to go back to and the screaming objective is to inject cash into the American economy as soon as possible, my god it’s temporary, the payment runs out in January!

Current conventional wisdom is that Republicans are trusted with the economy because business likes them, they ruthlessly keep wages down, protect investment, tolerate monopoly and gut regulation. Many Americans instantly construe what’s good for business must be good for America, so they look to Republicans answers for economic and social policy, keep those freeloaders off the dime so white men can make money.

What this has given the little people is a crumbling infrastructure, lousy health and childcare, catastrophic environmental policy and a smashing chasm of economic inequality. Republicans were never good stewards of the economy or budget, it was always a lying joke, and now that everything is on the line—my god even their own political futures—they cannot respond, just sitting there in obdurate, stubborn stupidity, we’re never giving in to the libs!

Go ahead and keep it up, Rand Paul, fail on this covid-19 recovery bill and the Republican Party is obliterated—this year and forever onward. With unemployment at 20% and state budgets nothing in 2021 a lot more than just confederate statues will come down.

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