Thursday :: Aug 27, 2020

Can the Democrats Close Their Ears to All the Screeching?

by paradox

As the American populace has been nightly bludgeoned at the RNC convention with gross Republican lying orchestrated by our criminal Putin puppet it has become the fashion among many to earnestly put forth democracy mechanic solutions, since the place is so obviously busted.

Anne Applebaum was on the PBS Newshour around a month ago promoting her new book, Twilight of Democracy, where she made a searing point of observation that should be carved into massive DC marble: American democracy is not of our air and water, it doesn’t exist in the present just because it’s printed in textbooks. It must always be cultivated, guarded and tended to by every American generation.

As we watch the American Executive degrade into a horrifying orange lying traitor there is but one inescapable conclusion for all of us: we have blown it. We simply ignored the mechanics of democracy for far too long hoping it would all work out and it didn’t, American democracy is significantly wrecked on our watch.

Even with all the screaming nauseating Executive failure, all the voices and books offering real earnest solutions, should the Democrats win the Presidency and Congress in November will they make it a top priority to fix our mechanics of democracy? No.

Well, to be fair, sort of, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act is all set and ready to go, it is true it will be a huge mechanics step to implement it immediately. The cultural ethos of the BLM movement make this very politically easy, but will the Democrats take on junking the filibuster, fixing the electoral college, admit DC to statehood, make gerrymander abuse a priority, and turn November 2nd into a national holiday? No.

How could this possibly be? Since 1992 how many times have the Republicans won the popular vote for Presidency? Precisely once, look at all the incredible, immense damage from the very worst Presidents that have ever been inflicted upon our people since, yet with the Democrats in complete DC control in 2020 what will they do with the Electoral college? Nothing.

Predicting the future is a ridiculous proposition set up for easy failure, yet for once I’m completely comfortable about it, for it’s obvious the Biden campaign uses the same Unity playbook for politics the Obama people did, in their minds Americans hate all the political fighting and want a President who can unify the country.

We know this from the Ukraine attempted cheat for this November, Trump tried to use Biden’s son Hunter as a nepotism embarrassment he could gin up a scandal with. In all the uproar Biden never fought back against the gross Trump nepotism in the putrid existence of Jarvanka or vociferously fought back for his son.

That’s what the mindset of Unity will deliver for you, and how Biden got the nomination is another story. For a Machiavellian realist like myself it’s nothing but horrifying political failure that’s significantly lead to the total mess we find ourselves into this very moment, but just as obviously realism has not been a bedrock mainstay of Democratic Party principles.

How I’d be so thrilled to be wrong, but anyone with half a brain in America instantly knows the Republican Party hates liberals and Democrats, the last thing they want is Unity for equal economic and social rights. Not only that, they have a huge, roaring media apparatus in Fox/Sinclair News and talk radio, along with a grossly dysfunctional American journalism corps, they can hissy fit into weeks of media rage that will bludgeon political opponents—unless they’re completely prepared for it.

Democrats will just have to close their ears to all the screeching, said one of the best political writers in the United States, Digby of Hullabaloo. What does she mean?

What she means is that President Biden and the Democratic party have a huge hand-to-hand political combat fight right at the start of 2020 that will take every fragment of their political skill and fortitude to win. Fix the electoral college, eliminate the filibuster, make November 2nd a holiday, restore felon voting rights, all down the list the Republicans will roar and screech the Democrats are trying to cheat!

Where, in all this, is Unity? Nowhere. Seeking it, does failure appear? Everywhere.

I was supposed to wait until after the election to write this, my people will be furious I have dared to criticize the Party in an election. Trump is going to get crushed, it doesn’t matter, and I don’t care anymore, the country is already wrecked.

Perhaps in all the ruins and pain President Biden and the Party will see the light and take on the fight. Maybe they plan to and think I’m wrong. Fine, go ahead and show me, you haven’t yet.

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