Sunday :: Aug 30, 2020

Earth to US Journalism Corps: Trump is a Total Criminal

by paradox

With a growing sense of dread and dismay one realizes that the Silly Season is upon us, the nickname liberal political junkies give to an official campaign window performance of our dear journalism corps. What it means is that our corporate writer cousins chuck all judgment and professionalism out the window to enable Republicans with contorted, stupid journalism easily described as silly.

Those were the days, the US journalism corps went berserk in 2016 by criminalizing Hillary Clinton over nothing, hardly a silly evolution that has delivered us the current horror show of Donald Trump.

Historian Michael Beschloss went on Twitter last night begging our journalism cousins not to normalize Trump and not lose sight this is supposed to be a democratic election, not a vicious gossip and attack enabling exercise that has nothing to do with civics. He too knows the window has opened for our journalists to horribly fail again, dreading another election enabling lying distraction.

The last thing I wanted to do this Sunday was shout at our awful, infuriating, stupid, dumbass corporate journalism corps not to enable the lying of the Trump campaign—after 2016 few exercises could be more futile, they’re beyond hope—but duty absolutely compels it, seriously, it cannot be true but apparently Trump thinks he’s found a real campaign hit against Biden, LAW & ORDER, oh my god Trump is the defender of it and now, get this, Biden is in a defensive place he must respond to.

Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is a total criminal who is defending nothing but his own fascist dreams of holding onto power by any means necessary. He delegitimizes voting, democracy and the law on a daily basis, yet somehow our journalism corps has to be warned not to be slavering jackals into attacking the Democratic nominee over bullshit again. Fine, it won’t take long, for the sake of duty and the truth and the screaming frustration at our jackass fuckup journalism corps let us list the known criminality of Donald Trump. So you won’t fall for his incredible law & order meme and disgrace yourselves for all eternity like you did in 2016.

Trump is an admitted sexual predator who likes to assault women by grabbing them by the pussy. He is currently under a credible rape charge by E. Jean Carroll, refusing to submit DNA.

Trump created a fraudulent university and had to settle in 2018 for $20 million fines in civic crimes. He easily could have been charged criminally for fraud but sitting Presidents can’t be.

Trump created a fraudulent rip off charity and had to settle in 2019 for $2 million, his children ordered to attend classes in ethics and charity. He could have been criminally charged with fraud, but, you know…

Trump paid off porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign to keep quiet about having sex with her. Trump should have been charged with felony campaign fund mis-use but, of course….

Trump committed numerous acts of felony obstruction of justice frantically trying to stop Robert Mueller, which are very well documented. He should have been cuffed and booked, but, well….

Trump was impeached trying to cheat election 2020 by extorting the Ukrainians to lie for him. He easily could have been thrown out of office but Senate Republicans enabled him. Again.

Just last week Trump flagrantly shit on the Hatch Act by using the White House as a campaign prop. By credible accounts like any committed criminal Trump was gleeful about it, glorying in the status of untouchable unaccountability.

There’s more, much more, a long list of crimes in Trump’s finances and tax evasion. Once upon a time in a land far, far away just one of those little acts on that list would have instantly sunk any other President.

So please get it, US journalism corps, Trump is a total criminal you’ve done a sickening job of enabling and normalizing of. You’ve done it so well and are so easily manipulated Trump is actually, really trying a campaign meme and hit with law and order.

How we all wish it could be silly. The President is supposed to set an example for the country, all Trump has done is demonstrate the rule of law to be a total joke while laughing at a stupid journalism corps that can’t see or acknowledge he’s a screaming crook. I don’t think they’re going to listen to you, Mr. Beschloss.

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