Tuesday :: Sep 8, 2020

Those Far-Left Radicals and Their Electric Engines

by paradox

I’ve noticed my political writing has been focused on the future Far-Left agenda for next year, everyone needs something to look forward to and the present is such a curdling mental nightmare.

Well look here for our Tuesday morning, everyone, the new Postmaster General is nothing but another Trump felon criminal, horribly denigrating faith in a critical democracy mechanism while joining a long list of crooks with as he knifes the country under direction of our Putin puppet. Good times.

Why are these guys so bad at their jobs? Soledad O’Brien plaintively asked on Twitter, referring to our rankly obnoxious and stupid political journalism corps, god, every election is this ridiculous meander of gross professional malfeasance, what awful nightmare gets delivered to the little people this election? Will Vice President Biden become Liar Joe who faked military medals and wrecked is career from email administration?

For the record, Ms O’Brien, American journalism is owned by corporatists, and most of them hate Democrats and their unions, their diversity, their insistence on respecting the environment, god, get rid of these Americans who will stop rich criminal white guys from wrecking the planet and groping their secretaries! This is America, it’s only built for business ownership!

Of course the corporately bovine journalism corps moos along, afraid to lose their jobs and completely whipped by a frantically vociferous conservative media corps screeching how they’ve been so horribly knifed by those liberal mainstream journalists. They’re incompetent, blinkered, stupid snotty stenographers, Ms O’Brien daily incredulous as she joins Dan Froomkin and Eric Boehlert in bashing the pathetic dumbasses. Next cycle in 2024 a new round of critical journalists will replace them in denouncing the New York Times fuckups, it does make for a merry day, mm-hmm.

The President is an orange ranting liar who is oblivious to his treason, his smashing of the economy, his gross mental health, my god, to all the searing criminality, it never matters as he pops back up every day to endlessly lie and hurt the country again. The only thing the American journalism corps should be wondering is the mechanism for his very-soon-to-be shackle delivery—mental or criminal institution?—yet it’s just another Tuesday for them, can a criminal lying traitor win re-election? Treat it like normal and find out!

Once a week we get learned, wise speculation on the reason for the stupefying loyalty of the American right, it’s the racism, no, it’s the tribalism, surely the sexism factor matters too. Fun times, according to these writers Republicans view me as a far-left radical, heh, seriously, what I and the Democrats strive for will wreck the country.

Again, just for the record, and again in the spirit of something to look forward to I will elucidate for our Republican cousins just precisely what will happen in two aspects of American life when the liberals take control of the national government next year and get rid of the filibuster. A few of the them read me and they’ll listen, they’re not stupid and they know they’re getting smashed this November.

The first noticeable change is that the little people will starting earning a lot more money—in a comparative sense. The national minimum wage will be $15 an hour, which will ripple up to all the wages in the labor market. All of our people will have a real chance to have a decent life, good heavens, yes, the days of grinding terrible poverty and exploitation for our workers are finally over.

If that’s far-left then I’m Alicia Silverstone. If the minimum wage had been indexed to inflation it would be $22 an hour, we radical leftists ask for so much, yes.

The second major immediate change will the disappearance of gasoline, thank god, the angels, Buddha and Mohammed the fucking internal combustion age is over too. All of our engines—the cars, the yard appliances, the compressors—all of them will very soon be replaced with electric engines, we can’t wreck the atmosphere for future generations, they deserve the same environment chance given to us.

What sacrifice us liberals demand from the country, yes, the radicalism is amazing, isn’t it? Replace one type of engine with another, oh my god, you mean the air will always be clear? Every day? The asthma and bronchitis diseases will vanish from our children? The Middle East will no longer have us by the balls? Oh my god, the terror of it all!

66 days until the election and this is locked in. The journalism corps and the Republicans will freak out but ignore them, the country can handle $15 an hour and electric engines just fine.

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