Monday :: Sep 14, 2020

Take a Look Out West, Ford Motor Company

by paradox

It is a very difficult time to be on the west coast right now with all the pandemic and economic upheaval, things so very askew, our basic biology then getting flipped into big trouble. The sky is not blue and the air not safe to breathe, terrible stories of death and destruction everywhere in a growing soft roar of dread.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, five years taken off his life trying to deal with the last one, desperately tweeted CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL! before signing a firefighting bill. No disrespect to Governor Newsom, but this is the same tired statement of truth we got from the Obama era, yes aren’t we good liberals and environmentalists for knowing climate change is real, but what are we going to do then?

As I stated in my last work the liberal environmentalist community asks for one simple thing: replace all internal combustion engines with electric motors, this is our first great project and start for climate change. The time for the shouting truth of climate change is over, it is time to shout policy to solve it, Governor Newsom should have tweeted STOP BURNING GASOLINE!

I just want to make it clear what I’m saying is a natural evolution of policy gel and not at all a criticism of Mr. Newsom. He’s done a terrific job with everything he has since starting, and his commitment to the little people of California could not have been demonstrated more aptly in the last year.

Engine replacement is technically simple, yes, but of course the scale is daunting and the threats to our lovely status quo huge. We could easily get it done by 2030, seriously, it just takes serious political will and resources, the United States of America is in vast possession of both, thankfully.

I’ve seen the new commercials for the great gleaming Ford F-150, flagship vehicle for the founding car company of the world and currently the only market lifeline for Ford. I feel like crying in a corner after watching, oh my god, it’s just another useless, dangerous piece of pollution junk, for the love of holy hell where is the new Ford electric truck line?

We’re working on it. Oh shut up, for the love of Lincoln is anything ever accomplished in this country anymore? We can’t market with electric price. Remember cash for clunkers? A hugely successful popular program that subsidized gas guzzlers for new cars, all you do is scream at the government to give you a $800 billion electric subsidy.

My little house owns four emission polluters, a lawnmower and three cars, one of them a 2001 F-150 SuperCrew. Man I adore that superb vehicle but it’s got to be replaced, it cannot be with another foul pollution machine, if you can’t see the bludgeoning future of electric cars, Ford Motor Company, I’ll just watch another mainstay of the America I knew wither and die as I buy a small electric truck from a Chinese startup. I really don’t want to live through that, neither does the country.

Yes, an $800 billion in electric car subsidy. Look, the United States was half wrecked before the pandemic hit our country on a catastrophic environmental path, things can never go back to the old ways as they were. For our very survival government must become hugely more active and expensive—it’s that or watch America fry into a desert where it never snows.

This will mean reversing all the stupid, heinous tax cuts that we handed out to our dear so suffering rich citizens and yes, finally chopping that beyond ridiculous defense budget, we cannot afford it with everything else that must be accomplished.

I did chuckle out loud when Markos Moulitsas recently tweeted the Democratic Party was a party of national defense. Heh, since when is rampant militarism in line with peace, feeding children, caring for the sick and environmentalism? Right.

I, too, believe in national defense, I’m a Navy wartime vet, I just believe in it to the tune of $400 billion annually, not a penny more. I could easily live with $300 billion, that’s an incredible amount of money for instruments of death.

These awful, terrible words like “defense” and “security” actually do have limits in their implementation, and we cannot survive the 21st century in the insanity of addictively clinging to them, sorry, Markos.

Meantime the present is just an awful waiting for our society to change, my god, take a look out west, Ford Motor Company, starting lobbying for that electric subsidy.

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