Wednesday :: Sep 16, 2020

Covid-19 State Relief Could Arrive Late January 2021

by paradox

As no national covid-19 testing is put in place, as weary students and angry parents take up yet another ridiculous on-line semester, and as the food banks are always overwhelmed it’s beginning to dawn on the entire populace that as long as that orange Putin puppet is President no progress will occur battling covid-19, nothing, nowhere, just more lying and death.

Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi has bravely proclaimed the House will remain in session until Congress passes the CARES act, but—never any disrespect to Madame Speaker—this is a small move, all she had, likely to be ignored by the monstrous Republican enablers in the Senate. We shall see, but it doesn’t look good.

A strong gleam of hope beams through the smoky murk, however—like when that beam illuminates the dragon mountain door in The Hobbit, right—when one realizes it’s a completely likely scenario the Democrats could take the Senate and Presidency in November. At that point the CARES act would pass and States could get relief money, not to mention the unemployed.

Hardly a sure thing no elected professional would make real plans for, of course, but in all this mayhem it’s something real, truly, if you’re a Governor whose budget is about to get ripped there’s a real chance help is on the way in late January, do everything possible to put off the layoffs until that window arrives, a plan could start on November 3rd.

Before going on it must be stated the cruelty, stupidity, callous indifference and monstrous pain the Republicans have initiated by not helping with CARES defies comprehension. Unemployment is already a screaming crisis, what in the holy hell is going to happen when the States start laying off hundreds of thousands of cops, firefighters, teachers and State workers? With no unemployment funds? Jesus Christ!

There’s a little catch in this desperate hope of a unified 2021 Democratic Party government, however, it’s that filthy filibuster in the Senate, if that is somehow kept in place the arguments will hardly be esoteric or hazily in the future, the idiots who do it will immediately smash the economy more in a blazing, glaring light that will not fade in human memory.

With all due serious respect, I warn with all the atoms in my soul to Vice President Biden, Senator Harris, Senator Warren and Madame Speaker Pelosi 2021 will be an extraordinary term of furious energy and change, gigantic forces of attention will be brought to bear on Congress. Our DC representatives have a bad habit of ignoring the base and performing petty DC acts of politics in off years, you get put in a veal pen and let out next election year when they need you again.

Oh man, pull that trick and leave the filibuster in place with everything on the line for the States this time, whew, the hurling rage and abuse to be inflicted on the Party will be monstrous in scale. You don’t want to know what I’ll write about you.

Well, we’ll blow up that bridge when we get to it, as they say. I would also remind Party leadership State CARES relief will be just the first huge legislative act on your list, there’s systemic racism and policing, gun control, inequality/forcing wage growth, democracy mechanics, abortion, domestic violence, climate change and immigration. For a start.

I have never felt so terrible as a citizen of the United States before, horrified and appalled at a stupid lying leadership that yawns as 200,000 die, unemployment a crisis, the world in flames and pandemic on a fierce new march, my god. Unfortunately I have a lot of experience holding on in unending misery with no view of the future at all, you just wear it and hope for the best.

Speaking of which, I would also remind Party leadership of the sacrifices and disciplines of so many of our citizens, I’m not the only one who is miserable in these terrible times, not only will your 2021 legislative agenda be huge there’s a vital political job of instilling real hope and happiness for our little people. 2020 has been a nuclear crock of a year, our people are hurting and have given up so much, it’s just politically impossible to let them down after four years of Putin puppet abuse.

The great writer Amanda Marcotte recently described part of this feeling as waiting for a possibly terminal health diagnosis. She was right, 48 days to go, we’ll know in 48 days whether we survive as a country or not.

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