Monday :: Sep 21, 2020

2021: Democratic Party Transformed

by paradox

I suppose it was rather obvious after my last work that I haven’t forgotten and am still upset at 2008-2010 Democratic Party performance failure. We had complete control and flopped the economic stimulus while grinding the base to dust passing that excruciating Mitt Romney health care plan.

The historical record on that failure speaks for itself, I find it amusing it’s somehow supposed to be all hush-hush during an election. That’s a rule, failure silence? Well excuse me while I languidly break it, many signs point to a unified government Democratic Party for 2021 and not only do we have to learn from 2008-2010, I’m not going through it as a good liberal again, just forget it.

Lied to, manipulated, wrong in future vision and finally cheated, the Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer thundered that nothing is off the table if President Trump and the Senate Republicans smash through a Supreme Court nomination this Fall. Well I have a question for you, sir, if they hadn’t or won’t do it what part of America were you willing to just let sit there on the table, ignored?

It was just rhetoric, okay, but after 2008-2010 I refuse to let the 2021 Democratic Party agenda just sit there in hazy vagueness. Usually, of course, Vice President Biden would set the scope and item list for 2021 but events of the Trump fascism term have completely upended the old formula, we cannot sit here as Americans and on our watch have the Democracy wither, the Party must transform in performance for 2021, there is no other option.

The scope of the challenge is so daunting, what an incredible mountain to climb to start restoring American democracy. Vice President Biden has run a good, competent campaign so far, I’m sure he sees the need to farm so much of this out to rising stars in the Party, he cannot do it himself and is already assigning tentative personnel to various objectives.

Democracy mechanics, first on the list and never to be let go is obliteration of the electoral college, that reeking junk heap of failure has smashed the country with the two worst Presidents we’ve ever had, Bush and Trump. Happily enormous progress has been made here, 21 states have already passed reform, we absolutely must assure our people the Democracy can work, god, the loser cannot be the winner.

That failure directly lead to our current fresh hell of corrupted judicial branch, it very well could be in 2021 Republicans have won precisely one Presidential election since 1992 yet hold a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court. Hello judicial reform, that simply cannot stand, a huge judicial workup is waiting to fix the Supreme Court and necessary maintenance in the lower districts.

Nothing stated here can be accomplished without junking the filibuster in the Senate. I’m positive Mr. Schumer would not leave this issue sitting on the table, no. Senator Manchin has already huffed he’s voting for the filibuster, that is a serious whip job you’ve got coming up, Mr. Majority leader.

Brutally crowding out judicial and electoral reform is economic stimulus, immediately the CARES act must pass and a real setup and vision for 2022 stimulus implemented. The Democratic Party is never, ever sitting there in grossly stupid stimulus inaction the year before an election when the country is horribly hurting, it’s so good to know that lesson has been learned.

Amazingly another item equals screaming importance to the first three, climate change. For the love of Hamilton, the good ol’ days of acknowledging climate change are over! Policy, do you get it, shut up with that yap about how real it all is and start implementing change! Get a huge real start on getting gasoline forbidden in the United States in AOC’s Green New Deal, that’s more than enough of a challenge for now.

Systemic racism and police reform, that can’t be ignored, the new Attorney General must be the best we have and has a hugely important reform task.

Customs and Immigration, along with the Post Office, are effectively wrecked from Republican abuse. Their reform cannot be left on the table, no.

Last time I looked, health care could use some work. Abortion rights and domestic violence can’t be left behind, no way. DC and Puerto Rico statehood are on the list too, yes.

These are dark and terrible times for the Republic and Party, it’s hard to see a way out of this. Amanda Marcotte says the only answer is to never give up, okay I won’t, but the Party better not give up on the little people and necessary agenda in 2021, the never give up answer won’t work in American democracy perpetuity, it just won’t, we have to succeed too.

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