Sunday :: Oct 4, 2020

I See the Democrats Must Be Grownups Again

by paradox

Watching the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt last Friday the show veered into pure editorial content at the end, something the network news rarely do anymore. Mr. Holt sternly intoned that this is not the time to say I told you so, it was a time for the country to be mature and handle this crisis with unity and maturity.

Okay. The Biden campaign pulled all its negative ads and it was remarked with alacrity on Twitter how network journalism news can turn a frightening traitor bully President into a lovable grandpa everyone of course earnestly hopes gets better.

It was also noted that naturally had the shoe been on the other foot and Biden been sickened with covid-19 the Trump campaign response would have been brutally mocking, nasty and vicious, absolutely no doubt of that, but with a fierce glare every Democrat is used to Mr. Holt let it be known that as usual never mind! was the internalization of that fact as he told us how to behave.

This absurd media double standard where the Democrats always have to be competent honest grownups while the Republicans can run amok with whatever they wish without appropriate label can be seen in President Trumps ridiculous rhetoric about the “radical far left.”

Oh my god, I’m a typical American liberal Democrat, I’m as far left Fidel Castro, sure I am. I want an American political structure that always puts the little people first while President Trump radically blows up every norm and institution he encounters—he even messed with the Post Office!

So President Trump is an obvious radical traitor who hates Democracy while paradox the liberal who wants to feed kids is “far left.” When the crisis demands it Democrats must be mature and restrained while the Republicans can do whatever they wish. These media labels and behavior are precisely partly why this country is in its completely effed up state but our American corporate media scribes are, as always, cluelessly oblivious.

Sarah Ellison of the Washington Post lays out a precisely good case on why we should feel pity for our journalism cousins, for covering these lying traitors in the White House is an impossible task of chasing multiple lies while just try to establish simple truth.

I understand, Ms Ellison, but I haven’t forgotten Al Gore the Liar, John Kerry the pink band-aid embellisher, or Hillary’s emails, no not all, Ms Ellison, the awful American journalism corps has enabled lying Republicans all century and now it’s so really terrible you can’t get the truth? Right. Just awful!

Personally I don’t feel well or happy that President Trump is sick with covid-19, I more than anyone knows what it is to be ill and your health threatened. Of course it would have been better if he hadn’t got the virus and things were in their relatively normal state of Trump chaos.

That being said, however, as political animals we can only gaze with wide wonder, as the good John Cole of Balloon Juice said, at the epic political blunder and political catastrophe President Trump erected and then blew up with a thermonuclear bomb on himself, oh my god, it seems hard to believe we will ever see such a massive titanic political mistake in our lives again.

Trump was finished before covid-19 blew up any remnants of the pathetic campaign he had left, and now even his campaign manager is infected. It doesn’t make me happy in the least, Trump has been an epic American catastrophe we may never recover from, the job is to get rid of him and get to work, liberals aren’t in this game to stick it to the Republicans.

Even if we were we’d have a clucking, hypocritical journalism corps to instantly put us in our place if we went out of line, now wouldn’t we? Yes, Mr. Holt, we’ll be good mature Americans because we want to be, not because you scolded us.

I would only add to NBC News and the rest of our journalism cousins that soon the liberal Democratic dream of unified government—the Keys to the Kingdom, we call it—is very likely soon to be upon us next year. A real government with real honest Democrats and the Republican agenda obliterated to the racist dustbin of history, it would be so very helpful to have a real journalism corps not skewed to the Republican corporate agenda as we rebuild the country in 2021, yes.

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